WWE: Raw Christmas Eve Special Draws Lowest Rating in 15 Years

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIDecember 28, 2012

photo credit: WWE.com
photo credit: WWE.com

The Christmas Eve ratings for Monday Night Raw are in and they're not good at all. Actually, Raw drew the lowest rating in 15 years!

According to Daniel Pena of LordsofPain.net:

Monday's Christmas-themed episode of Raw featuring John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight and a Santa Claus injury angle drew a 2.2 cable rating, which marks as the show's lowest rating of 2012 and in over 15 years. The last episode to draw a figure that low was the September 8, 1997 show, which featured Triple H vs. Savio Vega vs. The Patriot in the main event.

Let's not panic, readers. This was a perfect storm of situations that favored against WWE. First of all, Raw was taped.

The proof is in the pudding every single time that WWE airs a taped episode of Raw in the past few years. Ratings always drop no matter what night it falls on. If you add the biggest holiday of the year for most people into the equation, then you have a recipe for disaster for the rating of WWE Raw.

Also, the past week heading into the Christmas Eve edition of Raw featured a week of absolutely nothing happening in WWE! The Slammy Awards on the December 17 edition and Super Smackdown Live the following night truly was the end of storyline development for the better part of a week.

Tribute to the Troops was a fun, variety show, but it didn't add anything to what takes place within the context of the storylines. 

With nothing to look forward to, there is no way to justify the Christmas Eve Raw as "must-see TV." 

I will admit that I felt the show was a fun, entertaining show for anyone who may have been spending their holidays with one of their favorite forms of entertainment. There has been wide criticism that kicking the show of with Santa Claus getting hit by a car wasn't the best way to being a family-friendly holiday episode.

However, how many times has Santa Claus been assaulted in the past? I bet there is a list right here on Bleacher Report somewhere that can tell you!

Also, is it a coincidence that Triple H was in the main event of the last Raw to draw this low of a rating? 

Keep it real.

"Jersey Strong" Jay

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