NYC DJs Torture Kris Humphries by Playing Kanye West Songs

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NYC DJs Torture Kris Humphries by Playing Kanye West Songs
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It's hard to not feel bad for Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries. One day, he's one of the league's premier rebounders and in line for a major payday. Even better is that he's married to one of the world's most beautiful women, reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Then, the house of cards does more than just fall down. In fact, it probably falls and takes the entire neighborhood with it.

After 72 days of marriage, Kardashian files for divorce and the speculation starts flying. Was the marriage a sham or no?

Humphries has since become a prime target for ridicule, and it has recently reached a whole new level. As reported by the New York Daily News, New York City club DJs like to tease Humphries whenever he steps into wherever they may be spinning records.

To get a rise out of him, said DJs will play songs by rapper Kanye West. For those not following the saga, West and Kardashian have been dating since April 2012 in spite of the fact that the divorce is not yet final.

Poor Humphries! Not only is he stuck in an ugly divorce battle, but he also has to deal with mean-spirited DJs while also having a subpar season (7.1 PPG, 7.4 RPG).

The report on the DJs also states that Humphries has also been seen flirting with women at these clubs, but has "fouled out" regularly. His association with Kardashian has left him stigmatized, and it is no fault of his own.

If you ask me, fans and DJs alike should just leave the man alone. He has a game to play, and he cannot give his best effort with a continuous tabloid circus following him around.

Instead, they should go bother Kardashian and pester her as to why she got this poor man involved in a publicity stunt. At that point, Humphries' play could very well improve and the Nets could start to get back on track.

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