Jordan Lynch Delivering Late Christmas Gifts to Seminoles Players and Staff

ABCCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2012

NIU Quarterback Jordan Lynch.
NIU Quarterback Jordan Lynch.

When toe meets leather on Tuesday Night under the bright lights of Sun Life Stadium, the Huskies of Northern Illinois University will quickly—very quickly—find out how overmatched their team is.

It will be a classic scene of hammer meeting nail.

And if Jordan Lynch keeps spouting off bewildering comments, his role as nail on Tuesday night might be an entertaining event to watch.

Considering that NIU is outmatched at every position and on every level of the depth chart, it was not easy for me to understand Lynch’s end game when, on Thursday he said, “In the fourth quarter, we plan to have them on their knees—and then just keep pounding away.”

Yes, he actually said that.

Now, does NIU have a chance in this game? Yes, it’s a long-shot, but EJ Manuel can fumble the game away and throw six or seven interceptions, which could possibly provide the Huskies with a chance to slip away with a win. And is it smart of Mr. Lynch, as the leader of his MAC championship-winning football team, to motivate and inspire his troops to play their hearts out on Tuesday night? Of course.

But to say that his offense, which has played against atrocious MAC defenses all year—and many times struggled against them—will “have them on their knees” and “keep pounding them away” is just bonkers.


Basically, Jordan Lynch has delivered a priceless gem to Fisher.

It may just be a silly quote from a gimmicky quarterback who has no idea what he’s about to be up against, but the Huskies are the opponent and Lynch is their leader, their quarterback (or all-purpose back—who really knows?).

All year long FSU has earned respect from every opponent—but not here. One of the few people who believe NIU has a chance in this game happens to be the quarterback of the team, and he has just trashed one of the mightiest defenses in the country, suggesting that his MAC offense is going to force them to their knees by the fourth quarter.

FSU has a game plan and must stick to it regardless of what Mr. Lynch recklessly says in his pregame interviews, but this kind of trash talk must be used by Fisher to make sure his Tribe if firing on all cylinders.

Lynch is asking for it, and Fisher and staff must accommodate him.