Andrew "Pacman" Jones : Not Another Pats Success Story

Nikki WyattCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2008

Contrary to recent rumors, the New England Patriots confirmed today that they are not and never were interested in trading for suspended cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones. I happen to believe that this is not only the safest decision but also the most sensible one.

I am aware of his talent for kick returns and have not forgotten the ones he has taken to the house against the Pats in recent years. I am also aware of the team's tendency to give new life to disgruntled players that have not had success on other teams. All that aside, I firmly believe that signing Mr. Jones would be a bad idea.

See Jones happens to not be like Dillon or Moss. These two, at one time, unruly players are very different in terms of character. Both Dillon and Moss were on losing teams frustrated with their  situation.

Of course the Patriots could fix that kind of mal content. All they had to do was win a few games. with a slightly good QB, a moderately brilliant coach and a barely in touch ownership, winning is a reasonable thing expect.

Fortunately, the Pats had, and still have, all of these things, so appeasing the likes of Randy Moss and Corey Dillon was a simple task. I mean if you can call winning the Super Bowl and going 18-1 simple.

But Pacman Jones is a different breed of disgruntled player. We have no clue what his problem is. It shouldn't be a winning deal; the Titans went from 4-12 his rookie season to a miraculous 8-8 the next year and in contention for a playoff spot.

We'll ignore the fact that last year, when he was not allowed to play with the team, they actually secured that playoff spot at 10-6. Tennessee is home to an Offensive Rookie of the Year and a couple pro-bowlers. They have been a solid team in a tough division the past couple years with the addition of Vince Young. 

In that same span of time, Jones has been arrested six times, received three years probation and had other charges including assault filed against him. Even after the honor of the first season long suspension befell him, he didn't seem to learn.

He is not a fixable acquisition. His track record proves that whatever his problem is, winning will not assuage it. The Patriots do not need to waste their time on a moderately good corner who, by the way, has not played in a year. It's not worth it. He's not the kind of player the Pats can handle.

He's not the kind of guy who will go from loudmouth to mouse after the tenth win. He's not Randy Moss or Corey Dillon. A playoff spot or a +.500 record will not calm this one.

The Pats needn't worry about letting him get away even with the loss of Asante Samuel, because no matter how many wins they have or rings they wear, Adam "Pacman" Jones will not magically transform into a team player. He's obviously got worse problems than frustration.

The Pats are not the team for him. Leave him to the Cowboys. They have a knack for that.