Oakland Raiders:All Signs Point To Promise Land "This Way"

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 28:   Zach Miller #80 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates with Justin Griffith #36 after scoring a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers during an NFL game on September 28, 2008 at McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

After a year of chaos and disloyalty from a young coach who was given a chance to prove his worth, but showed that he couldn't handle it and didn't want the job, the Raiders get their chance with a coach who grew up on a farm always loving the Raiders.

Head coach Tom Cable always admired the Raiders toughness, winning ways, and respected what Mr. Al Davis meant to the organization that he loved so.

As a matter of fact, the young Cable was just as tough and always tried to mirror that image in his football career.

Cable has shown his hard work ethic on the farm, in high school football practice, during his college days in Idaho as a right guard, and his small stint as a offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts. He always brings that toughness and hard work ethic with him.

Although Tom didn't make it as a "great" player, he went on to teach players what he knew at places like Idaho, San Diego State, UNLV, California, UCLA, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Cable may have not been a winner at some of those programs, but as I always have said, "You have to lose before your truly able to win".

Tom Cable wants nothing but to bring back the toughness that the Raiders were always feared for. He has a plan, a vision, and a desire to win.

Al Davis may be old, feeble, and perceived as a man who lost his mind, but he sees a true Raider mind who wants the Raiders to get back to winning once again.

I see it too.

Al Davis started to hire coaches without having a head coach in place, but in all actuality, Tom was already the head coach and was doing the hiring himself without the title.

Cable may not have hired all the coaches, but I can bet he and Mr. Davis agreed on promotions to those that stayed or jumped ship from Kiffin Land.

During the press meeting announcing Tom Cable as head coach, one thing surprised me.

Davis was being optimistic, but realistic in saying that he doesn't think the Raiders will make the playoffs this year but there's a chance in two years. This is a sign to me that Al is finally going to give his coach the time and tools he needs to make this franchise what it once was.

Al has let Cable sign free agents who he thinks will make this team better.

Cable has been at the combine and has his eyes on the talent that will help the Raiders on draft day.

Cable keeps in constant communication with Davis with what he plans to do with the team and the direction it's going.

Cable doesn't lie to the media, players, or Mr. Al Davis. Like Davis, he believes in truth and there is no place for lying unless you're Kiffin with something to hide.

Tom hired a good quarterbacks coach in Hackett to mentor, teach, and improve JaMarcus Russell's play on the field.

Cable and Russell both loss family members recently, (along with fellow teammate Cooper) and I wouldn't be surprised to see both dedicate this season to there loss, along with the rest of the team.

Tom cut players such as Harris, Griffth, Curry, Edwards, and Wilson for either not producing, to provide cap space, or just wanting to get better at the position.

Tom got a few players to restructure their contract to make room for other needs on the team. This tells me Tom has implemented the "team" concept and got rid of the "it's about me" concept.

He brought in these free agents not to be named the starters, but to compete for the job.

With all these new signings, I can say that Al Davis finally realizes hiring a coach for a one and done isn't going to work anymore. Davis has always been loyal to his players past and present and now he realizes how loyal, dedicated, and passionate Tom Cable is to this team.

Tom Cable values the Raiders mystique and wants nothing but to win. He truly bleeds sliver and black.

The signs all point in the right direction, but there are little stops along the way. The final destination is within reach and we have a dedicated Raider driving the nation.