Can Randy Orton Afford to Lose at Wrestlemania?

Steven WilsonContributor IMarch 27, 2009

With only days remaining until the WWE’s biggest show of the year reports are running rampant about how Vince McMahon is furious with the backstage reports and potential spoilers that are being leaked out onto the Internet.

The writing teams are being kept in the dark, and some within the company question what out of the blue finishes Vinnie Mac will come up with to swerve the “smarks”

At the same time WWE fans across the world have begun their debates as to will walk out of Wrestlemania 25 with a victory. One of the marquee matchups pit Randy Orton against world champion Triple H.

This match has been building for a while now and has sparked much debate as to whether or not Orton is capable of becoming the true top star in the company. Many have chopped him down, and call a potential Orton win ludicrous, however I wonder if the Randy Orton can afford to lose at Wrestlemania?

Typical wrestling logic would dictate that Orton, the cocky heel who has terrorized Triple H’s family over the past few months gets what he has coming to him and sees the face Triple H score his revenge by beating Orton within a inch of his life.

However that is not only too easy, too predictable and to be quite frank, boring, but it is also way too damaging to Randy Orton’s push.

The WWE’s current top stars are all faces. John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, heck even Shawn Michaels who although is playing a slight heel in his build with the undertaker is still ultimately a face.

Batista’s impending return is likely to add another top babyface to the roster. Ken Kennedy is unfortunately still far from the top of the card. On the heel side of things, Chris Jericho continues to heel it up but had his run at the top over the past year.

Edge is reportedly on his way out again with injury and the Big Show is far from being a credible monster heel. Randy Orton however is a guy on the rise. The formation of his character over the last few months has been one of the lone brightspots in the WWE’s lackluster product.

In my opinion, to even consider having him lose clean at Wrestlemania is absurd. Unlike the majority of heels, Randy Orton can not afford to lose clean and shake it off like so many heels before him. The way his character has built up over the past couple of months makes it imperative that he come out of Wrestlemania stronger then when he went in.

I’m sure the argument could be made by those within the company that if Orton does not lose clean, but instead loses because of sledgehammer shot behind the referee’s back that it ends up not hurting him because Triple H cheated to win and quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the way they go with it.

Im sure many of Orton’s current critics would be happy with that, but then again most of them probably also criticise how often Triple H holds the title. If they do have Triple H go over, the impending draft will be sorely needed as his competition on Smackdown will be no one.