Trout Fishing: The Outdoor Experience

Dustin CohickCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

VOLANT, PA - APRIL 17:  Sarah Tierno, 7, fishes with her father, Gary Tierno, on the Neshannock Creek during her first opening day outing April 17, 2004 near Volant, Pennsylvania. The Tiernos were among thousands of anglers across Pennsylvania to cast their lines on Saturday, the first day of trout fishing season.  (Photo by Mark Stahl/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

Mar. 28, this Saturday, marks the opening day of trout season in my home state of Maryland. Many people will be lined up around a pond or lake, in hopes of catching their creel limit.

Me, well I'm more of a stream fisherman when it comes to trout. The freedom of stream fishing and the ability to be in the water is what draw me in. The oneness with nature one feels knee deep in water while casting a line is amazing.

Just to be in that moment where; bills, politics, and life troubles seem non-existent.

A mountain stream setting paints a beautiful scene, where the crisp morning air, the smell of the earth, and the sound of flowing water can all bring a taste of success with just one "bite."

Streams are a great place to introduce a child to the outdoors because of the freedom. You do not have to stay in one spot very long.

As we all know, children can have short attention spans, and moving around to different areas can make for a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Youth have always been the key in the future of the outdoors. If you enjoy the outdoors, and teach young people the basic principles, they too will become more apt to live an outdoor lifestyle. If you get an opportunity, take a child on a Spring trout fishing adventure.

Trout are often easier to catch than some other species. Trout are usually straight from the hatchery, and therefore do not pass on an easy meal. Not too mention much more safe for you and I to eat. Success in the field can be enough to keep children coming back for more.

Powerbait, salmon eggs, cheese, marshmallows, corn, and worms are all great starter baits. These baits when rigged properly, are easy to use, as you let the flowing water do most of the work.

More experienced fisherman can use; spinners, trout magnets, live minnows or crayfish, or other baits in their quest for trout. Either way just getting out there is the most important part of any outdoor experience.

Some anglers choose fly fishing over other techniques for this cold water beauty. This is an art-form, only seasoned fisherman are usually successful. This technique takes many natural occurrences into consideration.

When insects are hatching and what insects are available at different times of the year, are important to keep in mind.

For any fly fisherman there isn't anything better than catching a fish on your own, hand tied fly. Fly tying has become much easier through the use of the Internet or local fly tying classes.

No matter what skill level you are, trout fishing can offer a lot for your own personal experience.  Find local water bodies and get out there and fish. Take a child along so they too can enjoy the outdoors.

Always remember, no matter what the endeavour, safety above all else.