How Loss of 2 Early Enrollees Impacts Georgia Bulldogs' 2013 Recruiting Class

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIDecember 27, 2012

Dec 3, 2011; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt reacts on the sideline against the LSU Tigers during the second half of the 2011 SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome.  Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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Four-star defensive tackle John Atkins and four-star weak-side defensive end Leonard Floyd will not be able to enroll early at the University of Georgia.

Technicalities can sometimes mean a lot in the world of college football recruiting, and in Georgia's case it will lose two open scholarships for its 2013 recruiting class because of paperwork—or lack thereof.

Both Atkins and Floyd were set to enroll early at UGA, thus allowing Georgia to back-count their scholarships to the 2012 class. According to Jake Rowe of though, the proper paperwork wasn't filed, so neither recruit will be able to enroll early:

"We will not be able to enroll until May," said Atkins in a text message to UGASports on Wednesday morning. "We will not be able to enroll until then."

According to Atkins, he and Floyd were able to complete all of the necessary requirements and received the go-ahead from the administration to leave Hargrave before the end of the semester, but the proper paperwork was not filed to the NCAA from Hargrave in time for the two to enroll in January.

This may seem like a small mistake revolving around paperwork, but when it comes to the NCAA and recruiting, it's the small details that often times mean everything.

In this case, neither Atkins or Floyd will be able to enroll in January. This means they won't be able to take part in spring practices, but it also hurts Georgia's current 2013 class, per Rowe's report:

Since Atkins and Floyd are no longer able to enroll early and be backed counted by taking their scholarships from the 2012 class, it now appears that Georgia will only be able to take 33 players for the current class. Stay tuned to UGASports for updates on that and the rest of UGA recruiting information.

Two scholarships may not seem like a lot, but believe you me, this is a significant loss for Georgia. Had things gone according to plan, the Bulldogs would have been able to count both Atkins and Floyd towards the 2012 class, thus using two scholarships from said class.

Instead, Georgia will now have to spend two 2013 scholarships on two players that could have been signed using 2012 scholarships. Essentially, Georgia has lost two scholarships for their 2013 class.

The significance in this is that those two scholarships could have been used to fill out the rest of the 2013 class. currently has 30 commitments in Georgia's class, which means that barring decommitments, ineligibility and dropped commitments, the Bulldogs can only bring in three more recruits.

This proverbial tightening of the belt means that Georgia just won't have room to bring in all the recruits that they would want to. 

Five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams (unofficial top five), five-star offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil (top two), five-star inside linebacker Reuben Foster (top two), four-star running back Alvin Kamara (top two) and four-star JUCO defensive tackle Toby Johnson (top five) are all elite recruits that have a high interest in Georgia (according to their 247Sports profiles).

If Atkins and Floyd had been able to enroll early, Georgia would have five more scholarships to work with, but now they are stuck with three. Landing five of those elite prospects sure seems better than landing just three of them, doesn't it?

It may have been just a paperwork issue, but overall, having to fill these two scholarships in 2013 will hurt Georgia recruiting.

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