Ryback and the WWE: Will He Suffer the John Cena Syndrome?

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIFebruary 18, 2013

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On paper, Ryback looks pretty damn good! He is in phenomenal shape, he is young and he is hungry. More important than all of these attributes put together is the fact that Vince McMahon believes in him.

McMahon sees the future and his name is Ryback.

Will Ryback be able to weather the storm and become the superstar McMahon believes him to be or will he be pushed beyond his limits and shoved down our throats like the "face" of the company, John Cena, never gaining the respect he deserves?

Years ago, Cena looked good on paper—just like Ryback. He was younger, good looking, and spent a huge amount of time in the gym. He was open to the possibilities.

Was he rough around the edges? Yes.

However, both creative and McMahon played to Cena's strengths, giving the fans a different kind of performer. Soon enough, John Cena would emerge not only as a superstar, but a superstar that the company could count on.

Cena remains the face of the company, but nothing lasts forever. A serious enough injury could derail the Cena express. Cena may decide to pursue other interests. Whatever the case, the WWE and Vince McMahon will have to make due and plan for the future. That brings me back to Ryback.

Given enough time and definitely a whole lot of work, Ryback can possibly be the next Cena. If that's the case, how will he be utilized? Cena—the face of the company—would not be booed in an ideal world. He should be universally loved. However, Cena has a strange love-hate relationship with the fans that is truly baffling. Among other factors, you can thank Vince McMahon's stubbornness for that.

Under McMahon, John Cena has been overexposed, losing a lot of the luster that made him shine to begin with. For whatever reason, McMahon has refused to let Cena grow and develop. He has become a children's champion. Is Ryback in danger of going down the same path?

As it is, Ryback has had to suffer comparisons to former WCW and WWE star Goldberg, which he has managed to shake. Ryback has developed a following, but by no means was he ready for a title shot against CM Punk. He is ready for the Intercontinental and United States Championships.

Ryback's time will come when the time is right, not because Vince McMahon bends the universe and says so. Consider that Mr. McMahon!

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