WWE: US Champion Antonio Cesaro Is the Best Fresh Face in the Company

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIDecember 28, 2012

This guy is amazing! Image by Wrestling Valley
This guy is amazing! Image by Wrestling Valley

I am your United...States...Champion!

Don't you just love to hate and hate to love the best new sensation in the WWE?

His name? Antonio Cesaro of course.

The former King of Wrestling has taken the company by storm. Though not the same way Ryback may have done it but in a very interesting way. 

To be specific, his feats of strength are impressive. To pick up such characters as Brodus Clay and Ryback like that is hardly something you see every day. He may very well be one of the strongest wrestlers in the company.

He accomplishes all this while remaining calm and confident. When he comes out, hands behind his back and with his satchel, the only word that comes to mind is "unique."

Antonio draws heat from the crowd just by putting down American society and though that has been done before, it works for him. He is a natural villain. 

His character brought some shine back to the United States Championship. It was necessary or else many expected the title to be unified into the Intercontinental title by year's end.

Every program he had so far has been met with success. R-Truth, Kofi Kingston...all put up a good fight against the Swiss grappler but now the true tests will begin.

This guy is a superstar in the making. A fresh, new face to pick up the ball once some veterans decide to hang it up.

On a personal note, I expect a nice feud with The Miz or Ryback in 2013. For one, the Awesome One needs a credible villain to push him further into his "face" turn. His challenge for the US title could be seen as a very entertaining feud and perhaps he could three-peat.

For two, Cesaro can take Ryback no problem. He is tall, strong and aggressive. Someone needs to stand toe to toe with that monster.

I'd say after WrestleMania XXIX, these two try to take each other out. Much to everyone's delight.

For now, it is enjoyable to see him tear through the competition and deliver snide remarks on occasional commentary. 

All in all, this guy is a total package. Great shape, great look, great ability in-ring and on the mic plus he is Italian...everyone knows they do it better.

Seriously, if anyone has to put money on someone in 2013 and beyond, look no further than Antonio Cesaro,

He may not become World champion yet, good things come to those who can wait, but he will continue to dominate and become a fully-established upper mid-card performer. 

Will the WWE pair him with Kassius Ohno once he makes the big leagues? Or will he unify both second-tier titles? All that remains to be seen.

2013 is right around the corner, the end of the world has not come but the time of Cesaro has just begun.

Pay attention to these words in five different languages!

Le temps de Cesaro s'en vient. Cesaro's time is coming. Il tempo di Cesaro sta arrivando. Cesaro die Zeit wird kommen. Cesaro el tiempo vendrá