The Ultimate Opportunist: It's Only a Matter of Time

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IMarch 27, 2009

"You think you know him?"

You're wrong. WRONG, dead WRONG.

Edge is one of WWE's shining stars today, and it is all thanks to one man.

Himself. (and the WWE as well, hehe)

Adam Copeland came to the WWE in 1998.

Ever since, he has made history. Time after time.

He was part of one of the greatest stables of the Attitude Era, the Ministry of Darkness.

He and Christian, skyrocketed to fame when they won their first tag titles which resulted in the birth of one of the most famous gimmick match of all time.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

He won the King of the Ring tournament in 2001, and ever since has established himself a singles star who is here to stay.

At Wrestlemania 21, he won the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder match.

By then, he had transformed himself into a very different person.

He was no longer the comic tag team partner of Christian, and there weren't anymore five second poses.

At New Year's Revolution 2006, when Edge cashed in his contract defeating John Cena with not one but two spears to capture the very thing that had alluded him ever since his debut.

The WWE Championship.

Thus Edge took on the moniker of the Ultimate Opportunist.

He became the highest draw in the company as he helped Raw gain its highest rating in five years.

He has done it all. He's feuded with the Phenom and enraged the Animal.

But now, Edge has another obstacle to overcome.

Not the Big Show.

The one thing that's holding Edge back.

Vickie Guerrerro. Where do we begin with you, Ickie?

When Vickie and Edge disclosed the nature of their relationship, everyone was disgusted.

So was I.

Were the writing team trying to give us a new despicable heel couple?

The answer is yes.

And they succeeded.

It yielded some great results.

The Undertaker/Edge rivalry that unfolded was more than anything we could have hoped for.

That's all well and fine.

And then, out of nowhere; Edge pulls out one of the biggest upsets in the history of the WWE.

At One Night Stand ermm.. I mean Extreme Rules, he banished the Undertaker from the WWE.

The facts are Edge has accomplished so much in such short time and has gained so much heat that the fans hate him with a passion.

He has done his job well and so has Vickie.

So, the only thing left for us to wonder about was: How long would this alliance last?

How long would LaFamilia survive?

When the Undertaker tombstoned Vickie, I thought that was the right time to initiate the disolution of the Edge/Vickie relationship.

I thought it was going to happen.


When Trips showed us the videotape of Edge and the wedding planner, I thought that that was the straw that would break the camel's back.


At No Way Out 2009 when Edge lost the WWE Championship, I thought that he would blame it all on Vickie. I thought he would snap and turn on Vickie, effectively letting their relationship rest in peace.


When Edge found out that Big Show was sneaking around with Vickie, the opportunity for Edge to get out of control presented itself once again. Once again, instead of giving us what we want; Edge forgives Vickie.

Perhaps because she forgave him when he was guilty of having an affair.

When Edge speared Vickie, that would be the perfect time for all hell to break loose between the two.

But perhaps another opportunity is about to present itself.

Wrestlemania is right around the corner.

I can see the gleam in your eyes, Edge.

You're up to something.

Edge is going to be in a Triple Threat match at WM XXV with John Cena and the Big Show.

If Edge is going to take time off to heal his nagging injuries, this would be a perfect time to finally end this travesty of a marriage with Vickie.

When Edge returns, he continues his obsession with the World Heavyweight Championship and perhaps engages in a decent feud.

Its only a matter of time before Vince and Co. realise that Edge has too much potential to be stuck in a marriage with Vickie.

Its been going on for two whole years.

If Adam Copeland is to regain his edge, he needs to cut off all ties to LaFamilia.

Would you like to see the end of LaFamilia at Wrestlemania?

Or do you have your own theories or ideas? Fire away in the little box beneath.

Edge's revolution begins, it's only a matter of time.

Signing out,


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