Cleveland Cavaliers: Top 3 Teams Cavs Could Trade Anderson Varejao To

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterDecember 27, 2012

Cleveland Cavaliers: Top 3 Teams Cavs Could Trade Anderson Varejao To

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    Anderson Varejao will be traded this year, unless of course he isn't.

    Such has been the story of the floppy-haired one the past few seasons, with trade whispers constantly popping up with ultimately nothing to show for it. 

    The trade rumors have surfaced in rapid quantity more than ever this season (via USA Today). Thank Varejao, who is enjoying a career year with 14.1 points and an NBA best 14.4 rebounds per game.

    This article is not an endorsement to trade Varejao, just a look at who the Cavs should contact first should they decide to deal him.

    If Cleveland decides to take advantage of his high stock, these are the contenders with the most to offer in a potential deal.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Cavs Should Ask For: F Derrick Williams, G Alexey Shved, 2013 first-round pick


    Minnesota has been linked to Varejao already this season as they look to add strong supporting talent around Kevin Love (per 1500 ESPN).

    For Cleveland, now is a chance to come away with Derrick Williams, who many Cavs fans actually preferred over Kyrie Irving before the 2011 NBA draft.

    Williams can play either forward position, but has been buried on the Timberwolves by players like Love, Michael Beasley, Andrei Kirilenko and others.  An athletic 6'8" and 240 pounds, Williams would likely love to get a fresh start and possible starting opportunity with the Cavs.

    Shved can play three different positions and is one of the best rookie surprises this season.  The 24-year-old is averaging 10.6 points, 2.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists in just under 28 minutes per game.

    While some would think these two would be enough, the Cavs should also push for their 2013 first-rounder, likely to fall somewhere between picks 13-18.

Boston Celtics

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    Cavs Should Ask For: F Jared Sullinger, G Courtney Lee, 2013 first-round pick


    In my opinion, no team needs Varejao more than the Boston Celtics.

    Age is beginning to creep up on the Celtics, as they've struggled to a 14-13 start to the season.  While this may be good for some teams, a .500 record is unacceptable for a perennial title contender like Boston. 

    The worst part of their game is rebounding, where the Celtics rank 29th in the NBA.  Desperate for size under the post, Boston has actually started 34-year-old Jason Collins at center this season.

    They should be begging for the chance to get Varejao, who would bring rebounding, size and a new energy to a sometimes lifeless team.

    Cleveland could not only bring back some talent, but also serve as an ally to Boston in hopes that they can knock out Miami in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

    The Cavs should ask for hometown hero Jared Sullinger, sharpshooter Courtney Lee and a first-rounder to complete the deal.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Cavs Should Ask For: SG Jeremy Lamb, PF Perry Jones, 2013 first-round pick (via Toronto Raptors)


    This would be a great haul for the Cavs should they pull it off.

    The Thunder's young talent is so plentiful they have a whole other garden of young talent growing behind it.  This is where the Cavs come in.

    OKC is one of the best teams in the league, but that doesn't mean they couldn't use a little help. 

    If there's a weakness on OKC, it's the center position.  Kendrick Perkins just hasn't been the same since the trade over from Boston, and this season he's putting up a measly 4.7 points and 5.1 rebounds a game to go along with an 8.84 PER.

    An upgrade could definitely be used.

    Since trading James Harden, the Thunder have acquired even more assets that would better serve a rebuilding team like the Cavs.

    With all of Jeremy Lamb's skills, he's still struggling to find minutes on such a deep Thunder team.  Perry Jones faces the same dilemma, and could benefit from increased playing time on the Cavs.

    The Thunder also own what could be a top-five pick in the 2013 NBA draft from the James Harden trade to Houston that was originally acquired from the Toronto Raptors for Kyle Lowry.  The pick is top-three protected, but isn't likely to fall that low.

    If Cleveland can get a top-five pick and two young, talented players in Lamb and Jones, the Cavs should gladly send Varejao to Oklahoma City.