What Happened to the Big Red Machine?

Donny QuickContributor IMarch 27, 2009

Let me take you back aways, October 5, 1997 to be exact. WWE hosted an event called Bad Blood: In Your House. It was the beginning of many eras but one was about to open the gates to hell.

Shawn Michaels' and The Undertaker's feud was so intense they had to create a whole new structure. A structure that no man would dare to step foot inside.

The structure I'm talking about is none other than Hell In A Cell. This match was brutal on both men but there was a certain weapon that was about to be unleashed.

A weapon so dominating and so destructive that it could make Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers look like child's play (no pun intended for Chucky). And this monster was coming for "The Deadman".

Towards the end of the match there was an eerie feeling in the stadium. An emptyness, darkness started to set in.

Then a blast of pyro struck the stage and Kane was born. There was no man that could have matched Kane one-on-one not even Undertaker himself.

Kane was absolutely terrifying and was determined to destroy anyone in his path and send them straight to hell.

Kane's victims are countless, no one has come back from fighting Kane and been okay so to speak. Darkness consumes them and a feeling of burning leaves them horrified.

Fast forward to "The Big Red Machine" getting the opportunity to fight for the WWE Championship. The stipulations were if Kane would lose the match, he would have to take off his mask.

We then saw a completely different side of Kane, he became more sick and twisted than he ever did before. Setting J.R. on fire was as demented as it gets and then laughing about it.

Kane was a new man or is he a man at all? Kane can be labeled as a monster more than a man but where do we see Kane now?

He's not as terrifying as he once was. We don't see the same monster tormenting superstars like the old days. I want to see Kane chokeslam someone off the stage or set them on fire!

But we all know it's wishful thinking now that WWE has a PG rating. I just wish we can see Fire & Brimstone once again and the raise of "The Big Red Machine" once more to inflict as much pain as possible on anyone and everyone.