TNA iMPACT Slamback: Mafia Meets the Nation of Violence

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IMarch 27, 2009

As the show goes live, Jim Cornette announces that tonight will be one for the ages. The reason? Tonight, 20 Men will battle for the spot for the Lethal Lockdown Captain spots. It will be a Gauntlet Match in which the last two men standing will be the Captains of the Lethal Lockdown teams.

As Cornette finishes up, the Main Event Mafia start heading down to the ring.

Kurt Angle comes out and insults the entire TNA Roster, claiming that they are not even on the same level as the Golden Boys. As Angle goes on about how dominant the Mafia will be, Jeff Jarrett comes out and returns the favor by announcing that he will be one of the 20 competitors in the match tonight.

After telling Angle to choke on it, he gets some quick shots in before the TNA Roster and the Mafia break up the melee.

As Kevin Nash leaves with the newest member of the TNA Knockouts, Jennifer Marasca, Kurt Angle grabs Scott Steiner’s pipe and heads towards Jeff Jarrett’s office to finish what they started in the ring.

X Division Championship

Kiyoshi vs. Suicide

Thanks to No Limit, Kiyoshi gets early control and continues it with a flying chop. Following a clothesline, Kiyoshi tosses him out to the wolves known as No Limit. Suicide tries to fight back, but Kiyoshi retaliates with a quick belly to belly.

He then goes up top for a Jap Splash, but Suicide bolts out of the way and follows it with a Spike DDT.

Kiyoshi bounces back with a Death Valley Driver. Suicide nails the knees before ramming his head into the guts of No Limit. He follows it up with the Suicidal Solution to pick up the win and retain the X Division Championship.

Back on the show, Angle gets blocked by members of the Front Line before he could get a chance to wrap the pipe around his head. Also, The Beautiful People are informed that they will face Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed due to their comments about Kong last week.

Then Angelina Love tries to save face and explain their actions: They want the TNA Knockouts Championship. As for Madison Rayne, her next hazing test continues…tonight.

After a TNA Rough Cut about Team 3D, we get some thoughts from both Beer Money and Team 3D.

In the back, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting makes it clear that he doesn’t know what he will say to Mick Foley tonight. But then again, he isn’t surprised by Mick’s actions, and tells him that if he comes to the ring armed again, he will do the same.

After Sting’s comments, Mick Foley promises to talk about the events from last week…and says that there will be no need for violence tonight.

Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs. The Beautiful People

Saeed tries to get the advantage, but Velvet Sky takes her down with a clothesline before tagging in Love. Love then ushers over to Awesome Kong. Kong comes in and shows that ruthless aggression, first to Love and then to Sky.

Following her dominating display, Saeed returns to the ring and continues the assault on Angelina.

But Angelina bounces back with a modified neck breaker and manages to tag in Velvet Sky. Sky applies a headlock, but Raisha fights out of it, but is unable to get the tag to Kong.

She starts fighting off Sky and Love and follows it up with a flapjack on Angelina. As Kong takes down Sky, Love counters and nails the Lights Out to get the victory.

Following the bell, TBP tries to assassinate the dreads of Kong. But Kong manages to get the advantage and take down all three ladies before they bolt out of the ring.


Foley-Sting Confrontation

Sting comes out and calls out Mick Foley. It doesn’t take long for Foley to respond. Foley makes it clear that he took a hell of a beating from Angle last week. He also made a tape to help further explains his actions. He tells Sting that he was about to whack Jarrett with his own guitar.

Sting rebuttals and gives him a history lesson of his own. Foley tells him that he is not one of the people that needs his help. He says that since last week’s program, the tables of time have turned.

He takes a direct jab at WrestleMania before saying that everyone is talking about Icon vs. Legend. He promises that when it’s all said and done, there will be blood and carnage.

He finishes it off by saying that…well, he’s still got a few stunners left in him.

As iMPACT goes to break, Abyss and AJ Styles are heading to the ring for the 20 Men Gauntlet Match…which is next!

20 Men Gauntlet Cage Match to Determine Team Captains for Lethal Lockdown

1) Abyss

2) TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles

3) Alex Shelley

4) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

5) Chris Sabin

6) Matt Morgan

7) Homicide

8) Scott Steiner

9) Consequences Creed

10) Rhino

11) Jeff Jarrett**

12) Naido

13) Kurt Angle

14) Shane Sewell

15) Sheik Abdul Bashir

16) Booker T

17) Yoshiro

18) Eric Young

19) Hernandez

20) Samoa Joe

AJ tries to get the offensive early, but the strength of Abyss shows early and often. Abyss manages to keep him grounded, but AJ tries to fight back, only to get caught with the Shock Treatment.

Alex Shelley makes his way to the ring for his turn in the Gauntlet. Shelley comes in firing on all cylinders and keeping both men grounded.

As Abyss takes down Shelley, Styles flies off the top rope for a flying forearm. After the break, Matt Morgan is the next man in the Gauntlet and immediately goes after Abyss before turning his attention to everyone else in the cage.

Styles manages to counter a choke slam into a Pele, and Abyss lands the Black Hole Slam on Morgan to get the pinfall and eliminate The Blueprint. The fight continues as Homicide makes his way into the ring.

Homicide goes on the offensive by ramming Sabin’s head into the cage, while Abyss battles Styles in one corner. Scott Steiner makes his appearance into the cage and begins his own domination.

Back on the program, LAX gets eliminated by Chris Sabin, while Consequences Creed makes his way to the ring. The Lethal Consequences continues to double team the Guns as Rhino makes his way into the cage. Rhino goes straight towards Steiner.

The ring is filled with eight of the toughest guys in TNA, including the original two entrants, who are fighting it out in one corner. The Guns and Lethal Consequences are fighting in another corner, while Rhino and Steiner battle it out in another corner.

As all eight men continuing battling, Jeff Jarrett starts to make his way down to the ring when he gets attacked from behind by Kurt Angle. Angle then grabs a steel chair and slams it against Jarrett’s arm. Security starts to get Jarrett out of the arena as Angle looks on in satisfaction.

In the ring, the countdown marks the arrival of Naido of No Limit. Now all the men start battling in one single corner. Naido shows what he is capable of as he begins to fly all around the ring.

Jay Lethal dodges a corkscrew moonsault and nails the Lethal Combination on Alex Shelley to eliminate him. As Shelley exits the cage, Kurt Angle makes his official entrance into the match…but not before getting a free shot into Jarrett. Angle eliminates Chris Sabin, Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal in a matter of 60 seconds.

Scott Steiner manages to eliminate Naido, while Kurt Angle eliminates Shane Sewell. As Sewell leaves the cage, Sheik Abdul Bashir makes his way to the ring. He immediately comes in and goes after Rhino.

Six men are in the cage as the timer starts going down to about 30 seconds. Angle continues slugging it out with Styles as Booker T makes his entrance into the cage. Steiner starts ushering Booker over to Styles.

Booker comes in, lands some knees and delivers the Book End to get the pinfall and eliminate AJ.

But while the Mafia celebrates, Booker gets landed with a GORE! by Rhino to get eliminated as quickly as he’s brought in. Booker and AJ battle it out on the outside while Yoshiro comes in and delivers some punishment of his own. Steiner, Angle, and Bashir are pummeling Abyss.

Angle suckers Bashir into a false pretense and nails the Angle Slam to eliminate Sheik. As Abyss starts fighting back, Eric Young makes his way down to the ring. As Young battles Yoshiro, Steiner and Angle nail a flapjack to get the pin and elimination on Abyss.

Angle nails the Angle Slam on Eric Young to get himself yet another elimination. As Rhino eliminates Yoshiro, Angle eliminates Rhino. The two men have fun at everyone’s expense as Hernandez makes his way to the ring.

Hernandez does everything in his power to keep in tow, but Angle takes out Hernandez with an Angle Slam. The two are waiting for the final participant…who is none other than Jeff Jarrett?!

Jarrett returns to get some payback on the man who took him down earlier in the night. Steiner and Angle continue the double team on the TNA Founder. Jarrett lands The Stroke on Steiner to eliminate him. Jarrett tries to get the final pinfall. But thanks to Steiner, Angle gets the victory.

But unfortunately for Angle, his opponent at Lethal Lockdown will be…Samoa Joe. Angle delivers the Angle Slam…only to have Joe jump right up after that. Joe takes it to another level, lands the kick to the back of the head and follows it up with the Muscle Buster to pick up the win over Kurt Angle.

It becomes official: It will be Team Angle (aka Main Event Mafia) vs. Team Joe (aka Nation of Violence).

After the bell and back on the program, Jim Cornette explains that he wasn’t allowed to compete in the beginning. In the back, Kurt Angle is irate about the arrival of Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett.

Angle makes it clear that the Main Event Mafia will never die. Back in the ring, Cornette has to deal with the whining of Don West. In the back, Samoa Joe says that he does not want to be Captain…but he will be at Lethal Lockdown…and his special friend will be coming with him.


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