Magic Johnson Praises Blake Griffin, LA Clippers as Second Coming of 'Showtime'

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIDecember 26, 2012

The first half of the Christmas Day battle between the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers was one to remember—that is, if you like to fill your memory with jaw-dropping highlights.

If you don't, why not?

With L.A. leading 67-48, Magic Johnson offered up some high praise. In fact, the original architect of the Los Angeles Lakers' Showtime era likened them to his original group.

A second coming, if you will.


"I thought I would never see Showtime again. The Clippers are Showtime! THIS is Showtime." Magic Johnson

— chris palmer (@ESPNChrisPalmer) December 26, 2012


As for why Johnson said this, it goes beyond the dunks.

The Clippers presently rank ninth in the NBA in points scored, third in points allowed and third in assists. They also place first in turnovers forced, first in steals and seventh in blocks.

Tack on a ranking at 10th in rebound differential, and you've got "Showtime."

Those dunks certainly don't hurt, either.

Matt Barnes and Blake Griffin provide evidence as to why that sentiment is so accurate—as if you really expected the latter to make it through a game without high praise.

He may not be "Big Game" James Worthy, but he provides the excitement.

Moments later, Griffin was at it again. In fact, Griffin found a way to top himself by making three Denver defenders look foolish.

Specifically Kosta Koufos, whom Griffin had nearly entered a scuffle with moments earlier.

Not to be forgotten, Griffin's frontcourt mate got in on the fun. DeAndre Jordan, whose legs are made of springs, opted to throw down a ferocious jam of his own, leaving an opposing athletic big man wondering what had transpired.

This is the second coming of Showtime, folks. Lakers or not, the Clippers have made Los Angeles the place for basketball greatness.

So, what about the plays that aren't dunk-related?

Allow Jamal Crawford to entertain with his behind-the-back dribbles, shake-and-bake ball fakes and no-look passes—you know, his typical style of play.

In the words of Mike Breen, "the Clippers are for real." In the words of Magic Johnson, the Clippers are "Showtime."

Like it or not, the legend has spoken.