Why CM Punk's Run as WWE Champion May Never Be Repeated

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistDecember 28, 2012

Photo courtesy of  WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

CM Punk currently holds the longest title reign seen in the WWE in over a decade.

This is no small feat, and it's something that will not likely be repeated.

Not only may we never again see someone actually hold the WWE Championship as long as Punk has, but everything that has revolved around Punk's title reign is once in a lifetime.

From his pipe bomb last year, which set him in motion to win the title, to the possibility of Punk losing the belt to The Rock at the Royal Rumble and everything in between, Punk's title reign has been one of the best in WWE history.


The Beginning

While Punk's current title run didn't start when he dropped his famous promo, or even when he went on to win the belt at Money in the Bank against John Cena, this was clearly the beginning of CM Punk becoming champion.

He would win the championship from Alberto Del Rio to establish his current run, but before winning the championship back, Punk set up his reign with an explosive start.

His pipe bomb and the ensuing promos he had with John Cena set Punk up for success, showing the WWE Universe that Punk was a top wrestler and could deliver on the mic.

Then when Punk went on to win the title from Cena at Money in the Bank, he clearly became a wrestler the fans wanted as champion.

He broke the mold of a typical champion, which helped set him up for one of the best title runs in WWE history.

The fans got behind CM Punk when he took his title back from Alberto Del Rio, and his explosive start was a huge reason.

Yes, there will be other champions, but it's hard to believe they will reach the championship level by unleashing their feelings on the WWE, like CM Punk did over a year ago.


Everything in the Middle

Punk has wrestled some of the best in the WWE while he has been champion, along from completely changing his role.

He has gone up against wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, all while shifting from a babyface to a heel character.

He has shown how he can switch roles when needed and has proven to be a huge part of the WWE since becoming champion.

He also aligned himself with Paul Heyman, and while their alliance might be hit or miss for some, it's something that may never happen again.

He has played a big role in carrying the company and has had fantastic matches against some of the best in the WWE.  He was able to adjust to play a heel, even though it was hard to imagine him successfully switching roles with all the popularity that was behind him.

A lot of champions have failed in showing the depth that Punk has shown during his reign. To be able to switch from a face to a heel, all while holding the belt, is something impressive in itself.

To continue to beat and be pushed above some of the best in the business is even bigger.


How It Ends

CM Punk's title reign could come to an end at the Royal Rumble. Even how it ends, though, is something that may never happen again.

If Punk ends up losing to The Rock at Royal Rumble, what are the chances The Brahma Bull would return in the future and successfully win the belt again?

The Rock hasn't held the belt since 2002, and while not everyone would be happy if he won, since he was handed a title match at the Royal Rumble, who else should be the one to end Punk's reign?

It even sets up the possibility for a rematch at WrestleMania where The Rock would drop the belt to Punk.

When else will the WWE Universe ever be able to witness Punk and The Rock involved in such a feud?

This might also end up being The Rock's last chance to even become WWE champion, and it all stems off Punk's current reign.

Will there ever be other champions of Punk's caliber? Maybe, but it's extremely unlikely we would ever see them go up against a wrestler like The Rock, or have as much success as Punk has had.

Punk's title reign has been the longest seen in the WWE in quite some time. His push to the top started with a pipe bomb and might end with a Rock Bottom.

Regardless of how his reign ends, though, CM Punk's title reign is something which will not be repeated.


Michael Guadalupe is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on twitter @The_Guada.