The Invitation: Why WM XXV Will Be Remembered

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IMarch 26, 2009

Welcome to the second half of my previous article.

The Invitation welcomes you to the mind of a writer, unlike any other: Sulayman Hussein.

In my previous article, you might've noticed that I said some really horrible things about some of the matchups for this year's Wrestlemania.

But now, I’m going to excite, to ignite, to delight, and get you hyped for the 25th Wrestlemania.

Twenty-five years in the making, this year's Wrestlemania will emanate from the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Will this year's matchups live up to the expectation of all the fans?
Off the top of my head, I could tell you about the three matches that will make history.  Six superstars will truly shine brightest on the Showcase of the Immortals.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (Extreme Rules match)

On July 5, they defeated the Acolytes.

But they would not been named one of the greatest and innovative tag teams in the history of pro-wrestling until Summerslam 2000 when they took part in the first Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

I am of course talking about the Hardy Boyz.

We haven't seen a brother vs. brother feud in quite some time. The greatest match of this type was, of course Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart.

Jeff's recent real-life events have been incorporated into this storyline giving Jeff all the more motivation to beat his brother. Jeff knows all about being extreme. There is no one in the WWE today who can be compared to Jeff in terms of risk-taking; it’s a miracle he isn't injured so far.

The other side of the story is one of resentment. Matt has always been a little envious of Jeff's popularity but never openly stated it before.

I remember recalling Matt slapping his younger brother but nothing ever materialized out of it. And I'm glad it didn't.

Now, at the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania, they both have something to prove.
Jeff thrives for competition whereas all Matt has ever wanted is acceptance.

Jeff has always respected Matt and all of his accomplishments whereas Matt has always looked at Jeff with disgust. Just because Matt revealed his envy for his sibling, it doesn't mean he has never expressed any dislike for Jeff; whether he showed it openly or chose to hide it.

At Wrestlemania, Jeff has the golden window of opportunity to rid himself of everything that is stopping him from his destination: the World Championship.

He has the opportunity to silence Matt once and for all.

Matt has only one thing to prove, that he is better than Jeff. If that means having to unleash a 100 per cent purely extreme can of whoop ass on Jeff, so be it.

This match has the potential to be great, since both Jeff and Matt are both innovators of extreme matches. If Matt sheds his identity completely, it would make the match-up even more exciting.

Imagine Matt saying: "I will not fail, Jeff. Why? Because unlike you, I’m not a Hardy."

While this match may not be filled with a lot of technical maneuvers, it will however utilize the Hardyz greatest asset, their skills with tables, ladders and chairs.

And they will perhaps deliver a match that will be remembered by all those with Mattitude and all of those who have been captivated by Jeff’s IMAG-I-NATION.

The one thing that still remains to be asked: Can Jeff even beat his brother?

The emotional conflict within Jeff still seems to be present. He did not go backstage looking for Matt, nor did he completely make use of the extreme rules in his match at RAW. The more Jeff tries to hold his anger in, the deadlier he might become at Wrestlemania.

Look at it this way: After Wrestlemania, there will only be one Hardy standing.

Who will that be?


Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

Let’s take a trip back to 1997, three years before Summerslam 2000.

Everybody who was in the arena,

Everyone watching at home,

And every single person who knew who Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker were;

They knew that once they had witnessed the chair shot Michaels delivered unknowingly to the Undertaker, something great was to come of it.

And they weren't let down. In fact, they were rewarded.

Go forth into Satan's structure, Shawn Michaels, as you meet the creator of your final resting place.

Those were my first thoughts as I watched history being made at Badd Blood '97.

Twelve years after the Deadman first tasted folded steel courtesy of the Show Stopper, these two living legends will lock horns on the Grandest Stage of them All.

Every fan who knows about the Undertaker, knows of his famous Wrestlemania streak.

Well, Shawn Michaels intends to erase this piece of information from all of our minds.

Who better to face the Undertaker at the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania then Mr. Wrestlemania himself?

Everybody has dreamed of this match at some point in their lives, wondering if the WWE would ever deliver this legendary match-up.

The wait is over.

Two of the biggest superstars at Wrestlemania.

Head to head.

What better way to end to streak and seek revenge for the lost four years of your career? Or to gain retribution against the very person who not only cost you the WWE Championship but also against someone you have never beaten?

If it wasn't for the stellar promo that the Undertaker did this and last week, I would've doubted there was enough hype behind the match.

You had to know that Michaels would do something stupid; since Shawn has kicked virtually every person he has met in the teeth, with the exception of his wife.

Shawn isn’t exactly breaking hearts at his age, but for someone with a career threatening injury; Shawn has outperformed himself many times and this time will be no exception.

The Undertaker has been the one superstar who stood the test of time. While some of the superstars left for WCW or quit the business, the Phenom has been a constant unstoppable force.

His ability to reinvent himself has been deemed his greatest quality.

His resilience is what makes him undefeated.

When the Undertaker enters the Reliant Stadium as the Deadman, Houston will never be the same again.

The last time he was in Houston, he decimated Triple H, one half of Degeneration X.

This time, it’s Shawn Michaels who is going to be in the cross hair.

Who am I kidding here?

When I found out that two cornerstones of the WWE were going to face off in a match at Wrestlemania, I was hooked. It needed no build-up. It felt as if the twelve years apart was the entire build-up to this match.

That is the power of these two men. They will get the fans rioting for Tombstone Piledrivers and begging Shawn to tune up the band.

When the 70,000+ fans stomp their feet in unison with Mr. Wrestlemania as he tunes up the band to play one last number, Shawn may finally end the Undertaker's illustrious winning streak.

Or he may fall victim to the Deadman's wrath as Hell's Gate open and swallow Shawn whole and devour what is left of the self-proclaimed "Main Event". No one poses a greater threat to the streak. If Shawn wins, he pulls off the biggest upset in wrestling history.

The wait will soon be over. But perhaps, this is just the beginning.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton

While Edge is chained to a post in creative hell, his former tag-team partner and three-time WWE Champion looks to solidify himself as the future of the WWE.

What do I say about Randy that hasn't been said before?

Take a moment to reflect on what I've just said and what I'm about to say.

Like it or not, Randy Orton is going to become the future of the WWE.

He already has evolved so much. Before Orton broke his collarbone, his sights were set on regaining his WWE Championship.

After his return, Randy does the very thing you would not expect of a brash superstar like Orton to do.

He waits. 

He knows.

He is the future.

Before Orton suffered his injury, he thought of himself to be the future of this business.

But now, he is certain.

To prove himself, he demands to cement his legacy. A legacy that has been built at the expense of Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

Let us look at the other side of the story. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, The Cerebral Assassin.

Formerly known as my favorite superstar. I grew up watching the greats like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker and Triple H. When Hunter took on the role of the maniacal Assassin, I was astonished.

Never before had I seen such a heel.

After I witnessed the evolution of Triple H, I thought I had seen it all.

But to see The Cerebral Assassin show such rage was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. A cat and mouse chase has ensued ever since. I thought if anyone deserved an accolade for being the dirtiest player in the game, it was Triple H.

That was nearly 10 years ago, ever since I have considered him to be the new breed of heel.

But once again, I stand corrected.

Not by Randy Orton, but by his actions.

By his show of ruthless aggression, by his words and most of all, what changed the way we view Randy Orton as a superstar: the punt heard round the world.

What have you done, Randy Orton?

You've destroyed the most powerful man in sports entertainment? How could you commit such a heinous crime? Yet, the fans cheered.

Wait for it.

You didn’t kick Vince in the skull. You moved up the ladder.

That moment is what finally transformed you into a megastar.

That moment solidified you as the biggest ticking time bomb in the WWE.

But what has triggered these actions? Was it just Vince threatening to fire Orton or has the doomsday clock been ticking for quite some time?

Is the source of Randy Orton’s recent act the very person he will be in the squared circle with, come Apr. 5?

Let’s take a look and indulge this notion.

Evolution was the platform Triple H had built to help young superstars elevate themselves to stardom. While Batista’s revolution came after Orton’s, Batista was more successful. He even defends Evolution to this day.

Orton was kicked out of Evolution after Triple H felt threatened by young Randy. So to see Batista actually defend himself for being nothing more than Hunter's pawn sickened Orton.

That is until he reprogrammed Batista's inner circuitry thanks to his boot.

Looking back at the Rumble, I was and still am curious as to what Orton was telling Hunter while Ted and Cody were holding him down.

I still don’t know what exactly was said but I think it was along the lines of: “You’ve really come full circle, haven’t you?”

You have, Triple H.

That’s when I smiled. I remembered what my father once told me.

“As you sow, so shall you reap.”

And now it’s your turn to face the three stages of hell.

Stage One: Watch your wife crash to the mat courtesy of a thunderous RKO.

Stage Two: Watch once more as the monster you created decimates the love of your life; and there is nothing you can do about it.

Stage Three: At Wrestlemania, your anger will get the best of you, ultimately leading to your own demise. You will be damaged beyond repair.

This is perhaps my choice for the match to close the show. I’ll tell you why.

  1. It features the WWE Championship.
  2. Regardless of who wins this match, there has been a lot of effort  put into this storyline by everyone involved in it.
  3. It’s about the McMahons.
  4. If WWE passes this chance, it will look stupid when they pull the trigger later on.
  5. Randy Orton deserves to be in the main event. Look at him last year and now. He has evolved completely. He is a white hot blinding light of power.
  6. This feud has gotten so much attention, and the seeds planted for this feud   go all the way back to the disagreement between Stephanie and Shane.
  7. It is being set up as a mega feud and not just to have a WM main event.

Orton extracted everything that made him look like a cocky brash heel and instead, made his character into one of the most diabolical superstars ever.

Triple H should consider changing his name.

It’s time for you to step down.

But will you? Are you ready to give up the very thing you’re willing to die for?

Will the student surpass the master? Will he be bestowed upon: the honor of being the new WWE Champion?

The question remains:

What will the Voices tell you to do on Apr. 5?


Signing out, hope you've enjoyed my article.

Fire away in the comments section.

As always I look forward to your criticism.



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