Head over Heels: Is Randy Orton the WWE's Allen Iverson?

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IMarch 26, 2009

I caught a lot of hell for calling the ending to this past Monday's RAW a choke job. I said this in regards to the match that never happened between Triple H and Legacy. Instead of a match, we had a three-on-one mugging that saw the McMahon-Helmsley Family laid to waste in the corner of the ring. On top of that, Orton stole himself a kiss from an unconscious Stephanie McMahon.

I was informed that this was indeed a great ending and added more fire to the rivalry between Orton and Triple H. After taking a few days to think about this and review the footage, I am sticking with my previous prognosis in regards to this ending, and I ask this simple question to the WWE:

Was that the best that you could deliver?

I'm looking at all the facts when I think about this one portion. Everyone is all about Randy Orton...that is, they all are loving what they are seeing. Yeah, everyone enjoys Orton beating up old people, attacking women, crying wolf and having the stones to attack someone from behind.

Yeah, Everybody Loves Randy...except for this writer.

But having him as a face wouldn't do much good at this point. It's clear that Edge could be making the jump to a different brand and becoming a face. But that's not why we are here. People always ask me for justification when I call someone or something out.

Now I'm returning the favor to one Randal Keith Orton.

Randy and I are not that much alike. We're both from St. Louis, Missouri. We're both in the prime of our careers. We're both veterans of our craft. And we've both been hated more than Kobe Bryant at some point in our lives. But what makes us different is the fact that I am capable of admitting when something is getting old and should stay buried.

Orton on the other hand is okay with being considered a woman-beating coward. In all honesty, the storyline between Orton and Triple H has been done so many times, that even the sight of Triple H has become an emotional hangover. Yes, we get it. You're The Game, and you're the Legend Killer. Woop Dee Doo!

You two want a cookie for your troubles?

It's funny how everyone rags on John Cena for winning and not having the natural talent to wrestle. Ignore the fact that Cena's father is a well-respected wrestling figure in Massachusetts as well as the East Coast. Ignore the fact that wrestling is in Cena's blood as much as it is in Orton's. What lineage does Triple H have...besides being married into the family?

Here's a thought: If any of us "common" folks met Stephanie McMahon before Mr. Levesque did, would we have been given the same ride as he has. Let's be realistic, people. There's a reason why some have parted ways with professional wrestling. Some left for personal reasons. Some left to pursue bigger and better things.

But there are those who left due to all around politics both in and out of the ring.

What is so special about Randy Orton? Are they trying to mold him into the next Rock? It won't work. The Rock was a proven heel and a proven face. Randy Orton didn't work as a face, so he switched to heel. Since then, I haven't seen him kill many legends. Since then, he has been more a stalker, a bully and a crybaby. But yet, everyone is intrigued by this new look of Randy Orton.

So he throws on a few more tattoos, and all of a sudden, he's a certified bad-ass?

Remember that this is the man who got pimp-slapped by Mike Adamle. Orton has become obsessed with himself. And the walk to the ring alone looks more like a guy who just collected some skid marks in the back. The WWE is determined on making Orton the man...even though there are guys with more talent than him. They decided against Jeff Hardy being WWE Champion, but they will be okay with this guy hoisting the gold when it's all said and done.

And what the hell is this PG Rating?

RAW became successful because they held nothing back. So all of a sudden, they won't show the stuff that got them to the top of the television mountain...but they will show a grown man beating up a woman, eye raping her and showing infidelity?

Vince, if you're going to get back to the basics, then stick with what got you there. Forget the FCC because it's clear that they will never be satisfied with what you do. This is entertainment, and if they'll continue to let Maury and Jerry Springer raise hell during the day, then the night belongs to the WWE.

Why do you think Vince McMahon still fears Bret Hart? Because the last time Bret Hart and Vince were in the same building, Big Daddy Mac showed up the next night on RAW with a huge shiner over his eye? The Legion of Doom even got on his bad side when they refused to drop the WWF Tag Team Championships in a match. And Austin? Well, let's just say that Hulk Hogan is lucky that he had The Rock instead of Stone Cold.

What makes Randy Orton get away with murder when superstars of the past and present continue to be chastised? Orton can intentionally render a woman unconscious, but Edge continues to get grief for "marrying" a cougar?

If Vince is showing that he is ready to pass the reins of the company over to his son and daughter, he showed that by not showing up last Monday night or even showing up since the punt. And where was Linda in all this? There was one lifetime ago when Linda stood up to everyone who would dare cross her Empire.

But since her last appearance on the company, she has been MIA.

But back to this whole crock known as Randy Orton, Legend Killer.

Orton considers himself the everything of the WWE. So does Jericho. So does Edge. So does Triple H. So why waste precious resources regurgitating old storylines? To sell tickets? Be reasonable. How many times can you go to Detroit or LA or New York for a WrestleMania? The WWE believes that geographically, those cities will sell more.

Have you dingos not been to the midwest lately?

Chicago needs something to be proud of since they won't see a World Series from their beloved Cubs in this lifetime. St. Louis also needs it since we just parted ways with our own Hall of Famer, Torry Holt. Denver needs some love since they have a dress-wearing crybaby for a quarterback.

But yet, the WWE is claiming to be looking at the demographics. Even though they are pushing this whole "Orton is the devil" garbage on us, they put more focus on one single match instead of their Money In the Bank or their World Heavyweight Championship...or even their Hall of Fame inductees. But in their eyes, Orton is the man that will carry the company into the next generation. But if that was the case, why not have Orton go in as champion instead of Triple H?

So when WrestleMania 25 comes to Houston, who do you think will have the attention?

That's right, chittlins! The McMahons and The Ortons will be in the spotlight. For the next 14 days, we will have to hear about how Orton will fulfill his destiny, or how Triple H will get even before Houston. We won't hear about how the WWE thinks that the Triple Threat Match is nothing more than just a comedic filler. We could hear a little about Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker, but that would take the spotlight off of Vickie Guerrero and the WWE Championship.

So is there a point of watching WrestleMania if the cameras will just focus on what scheming plan Orton will have to leave Houston as Champion? Or what will the McMahons do once they get their hands on Orton?

On this very sight, everyone has been writing about how Orton is the best thing to happen to the WWE in a long time. It's funny how two years ago, everyone was saying that about John Cena. It's ironic that Orton was in this same position last year, but everyone was hoping that Triple H left Orlando as champion.

Funny that with the 25th Anniversary right around the corner, everyone is jumping on the Orton Bus of Love and attending the Legend Killer Tour in Houston.

You might as well tell Booker T to hold his event in Reliant Stadium...while WrestleMania is going on. Because unless they give me a reason to watch the WWE Championship Match, besides seeing an episode of Cops in tights, don't be surprised if everyone decides to ban against this one too.

But like Randy Orton, I hear voices in my head...and they're telling me to tell you something that you might not want to hear.

So that brings the question: Is Randy Orton the WWE version of Allen Iverson?

Translation: Is he destined to be more of a negative or a positive for the WWE?

You decide.


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