Boise State Football: Staying out of Toxic Big East Best for Broncos Long Term

Chris HummerAnalyst IDecember 22, 2012

Oct 27, 2012; Laramie, WY, USA; Boise State Broncos head coach Chris Petersen before game against the Wyoming Cowboys at War Memorial Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State just finished its season at the Las Vegas Bowl, but the work is far from complete for the Bronco football program.

After all, the school has to decide which conference the Broncos will play for in 2013.

Originally, Boise State planned to move to the Big East for the 2013-14 season, a switch designed to spur the Broncos to new heights, specifically a potential automatic BCS bowl bid. 

However, it seems the Boise State brass is having second thoughts. According to an ESPN report, the Broncos are considering staying in the Mountain West instead of making the switch to the Big East, a conference marred by issues.

And that's putting it lightly.

The Big East is slowly breaking apart as its teams are pillaged by bigger conferences. In 2013, the Big East was scheduled to feature 12 teams separated into an East and West division, with teams from each main U.S. time zone partaking in the collaboration.

It was a taped-together plan, but even that desperate effort looks to have been for naught. 

Louisville decided to bolt to the ACC in late November, and Rutgers made the switch to the Big 10.

Then came the news, only a week ago, that the seven basketball-only Big East schools would break off to form their own conference.

The Catholic 7, if you will, decided to exit the conference because the Big East had moved so far away from its original identity.

Now, the Big East is scrambling to put the pieces together after realignment has brutally butchered a once proud conference. 

While the addition of a strong football squad like Boise State would give the conference a big boost, it would be in the Broncos' best interest to stay away.

Sure, the automatic bid to a BCS bowl would be nice. But how long would that last?

The Big East continues to slip in the major conference hierarchy, a hard feat to accomplish considering the conference was already a distant last.

With the addition of the playoff system for the 2014 season, what is the likelihood even an undefeated Big East team is selected for the dance? 

Not very good, especially when you consider Rutgers was undefeated late into the year and couldn't even crack the Top 10 of the BCS rankings.

It would be smart for Boise State to remain in the Mountain West, a conference with a brand new TV deal, and wait for an invite from one of the larger conferences.

It will happen, too. The college football landscape is moving to that of super-conferences consisting of 14 to 16 teams, and the Broncos would be a solid regional addition to either the PAC-12 or Big 12.

Staying put is not a flashy move, nor is it one that will produce immediate results. But Boise State would be smart to stay away from the Big East.

With the amount of change that has happened in that conference the past few years, there's no telling if it will even be there by next decade.