Bernie Ecclestone Behaves Like a Child Again: “He Started It!”

Adam PooleAnalyst IMarch 26, 2009

KITZBUEHEL, AUSTRIA - JANUARY 24:  Formula one boss Bernie Ecclestone the men's downhill at the Hahnenkamm Ski Races January 24, 2004 in Kitzbuehel, Austria.  (Photo Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Bernie Ecclestone has once again proved how he can stamp his feet like a 12-year-old in a dispute over money that he owed to Renault and McLaren.

I really can’t start to tell you how much I despise this man, he is cocky, arrogant, petulant, and just down-right idiotic in my opinion.

The row started when Ron Dennis and Flavio Briatore approached Ecclestone about some commercial money that he owed the two team bosses.  When the F1 boss refused the money Briatore simply stated that unless he got the money he wasn’t prepared to put his cars on the plane and stated, “We’re not going to Melbourne.”

Dennis and Briatore also warned Ecclestone that the rest of FOTA were prepared to follow suit should the billionaire not pay up.

Talking to The Times newspaper, Ecclestone replied, in his usual childish manner and said, “He [Flavio] started it, aided, and abetted by Ron Dennis.”

Bernie then continued to play the “12 year-old school boy” and didn’t want to be beaten and so called the team bosses’ bluff by telling them, “I picked up the phone to our people that handle all the freight to ask them to cancel the aeroplanes.  They were saying, ‘all the FOTA-schmota are not going—nobody’s going to go.”

The Times does report that the teams did leave without receiving the money and that both Renault’s and McLaren’s cars were transported to Melbourne as normal.

Personally, I think it’s about time Ecclestone grew up, stop trying to impress his friends, and realise that he’s running a billion dollar business. This is not like running around the school yard trying to get one over on everyone.

For heavens sake, just the way he refers to FOTA as “FOTA-schmota.”  FOTA is one of the only good things to come out of F1 in the last couple of years!

Bernie.  Grow up!