New York Jets: Draft Decisions

Craig SchiedloCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2008

With the NFL draft a month away, the New York Jets need to decide who they will nab with their No. 6 pick.

The team needs a solid player in the quarterback position, because both Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens are far too inconsistent to be starting quarterbacks.

So the Jets will be tempted to take Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan or Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm to fill the position.

But if Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is still available, the Jets may find him far too talented to let slip.

Though running back position is far from the Jets' most glaring weakness, the team will find him too good to pass up. The same thing happened to the Vikings last year, when Adrian Peterson fell into their laps.

New York has a solid starter in running back Thomas Jones, but he did not set the world on fire in his first season as a Jet. Adding a play maker like McFadden on offense could not hurt.

Jones and McFadden could complement each other on the field. And if Clemons proves me wrong by having a great year, the Jets could surpass expectations.

McFadden could drop this far in the draft due to a combination of team needs and some off-the-field concerns. But there is no denying his talent. And for the Jets, he could have the type of impact that Peterson did for the Vikings.

Defensive lineman Vernon Gholston of the Ohio State Buckeyes is another option for the Jets, assuming he does not go in the top five.

But if McFadden is available, the Jets will have a hard time passing up on the opportunity to draft the explosive McFadden.