Best Sports Fan Reactions Ever

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 21, 2012

Best Sports Fan Reactions Ever

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    Getting overly emotional over your team is just part of being a sports fan. 

    But sometimes, fan reactions go beyond the norm and take a turn toward the clinically deranged. And sometimes—if we’re lucky—the cameras are rolling and the internet is blessed with another solid gold nugget of sports fan craziness.

    From over-joyous celebrations to monumental meltdowns, the following list contains the kind of best sports fan reactions that make most of our biggest conniption fits look tame in comparison.

Clemson Fans Cry. and Then Cry Some More

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    Following a close loss to Georgia Tech earlier this fall, two Clemson fans had a world-class hissy fit on live television. 

Fans React Live to Lebron’s Decision

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    From burning his jersey to taking down the “Witness” banner on the Sherman Williams building in downtown Cleveland, Cavalier fans didn’t take the news of Lebron James leaving their program very lightly.

    “The Decision” was made in the summer of 2010 and news cameras were on standby to catch this dramatic reaction footage in sports bars across the town when King James decided to “take his talents to Miami.”

Red Sox Fan Falls in Love with Foul Ball

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    Woman meets foul ball—falls in love and begins rubbing it vigorously on her face. 

    You know the story.

Young Pens Fan Squeals at Detroit Fans

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    A Young Pittsburgh Penguin fan loses his cool when mom tells him she’s cheering for the Redwings.

    Judging by the kind of tantrum this mom can provoke from her child over a hockey game, the helmet on this kid’s head is for his own personal protection.

Oakland A's Fan Rolls in the Sloop After Team Wins Division

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    Winning the division title was a big deal for Oakland A’s fans.

    And for some, it was an excuse to get down and party with the beer residue and hot dog wrappers between the seats at the Coliseum. 

Perfect NHL Lockout Fan Reponse

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    While it’s not a reaction to a live event, you could pour the sarcasm in this fan-made NHL Lockout video over mashed potatoes, it’s so thick and delicious.

Giants Fan Sobs Tears of Denial

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    “I just want the Giants to win, and I want a Super Bowl trophy and a Polly Pocket notebook to write about it in!"

    This big guy—who looks exactly like Flounder from Animal House—was reduced to a small, sobbing individual following the Giants loss to the Eagles in the 2009 NFC Championship game. 

    I know it sucks to lose, but maybe cool off on the schnapps next time. That way, the world would never have to see you crying and being mocked by what sounds like a room full of cruel harpies. 

Cleveland Weatherman Loses It After Heat Win Finals

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    “If we could’ve used some thunder, it was tonight!!!” 

    As you can see from the video, the wound left by Lebron James’ departure from Cleveland is still fresh in Ohio. Even local on-air personalities in the Cleveland area couldn’t let it go after James and the Heat won their first NBA title earlier this year.

Adults Jack Ball from Young Rangers Fan

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    It’s all fun and games until some child gets his dreams snuffed out.

    An oblivious couple at a Texas Rangers game had no idea the implications of what they were doing when they intercepted a foul ball tossed toward 3-year-old Rangers fan Cameron Shore.

    The best part of this video may be at the end when ABC anchor Josh Elliot tells Cameron the Rangers are going to give him a signed ball and jersey, and the kid turns around expecting them to walk into his living room that very moment.

    Poor kid can’t catch a break.

Intense Soccer Fan Reaction

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    I don’t know who you are, Intense Soccer Fan. And I don’t what has happened to bring you to this point.

    But the intensity of the .gif you gave the internet could power a million suns.

Chubby Hawks Fan Reacts to Bountiful “Candy”

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    It’s all about using your peripherals, kid.  

    But Al Horford’s little brother is young, and he’ll learn one day how to not get caught peaking in the goodie bag like he did on national television at an Atlanta Hawks game.

    Until then, he’ll have to submit this to America’s Funniest Home video and wait for the first place check to come in.

Bros Will Be Bros

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    Glasses are off—engaging “Wooh!” scream.

    It doesn’t matter why he had sunglasses on inside. The only thing that matters is he whipped them off at the right moment and managed to get some amazing face time for his fraternity.

    Rush Lakers, bro.

Eagles Win Game, Cousin Billy Loses Shirt

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    Cousin Billy doesn’t even have to watch it all.

    Nope, before DeSean Jackson’s incredible punt return to beat the Giants this past December, that man was out the door and in the street shirtless.

    I don’t know this guy, but I respect his moves.

Hefty Nets Fans Goes Jowl-Shaking Crazy

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    Somehow it always seems like the chubby ones always have the best celebrations.

    Moments after the Nets Deron Williams had a big shot, this New Jersey Nets fan looked up and waved his tubby little face at the ceiling in sheer amazement. 

    And the internet cannot thank him enough for it.

Wrestling Fan Breaks Down at Q&A

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    “I just want to tell you—*sniff*—that I appreciate and think about what you do to your bodies all the time...*sniff*...mostly at my van... BUT WHO’S COUNTING?!”

Phillies Fans React to Death of Osama Bin Laden

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    Every American old enough to remember 9/11 also remembers where they were when they first heard the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

    This footage of Mets and Phillies fans unanimously breaking out into a “U-S-A” chant after receiving the news of Bin Laden’s death is one of the most memorable and unique fan reactions in sports history.