What Wrestling Is Fake? Noooooooo!!!!!

dexterjames cavadaContributor IMarch 26, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX - APRIL 15: Honorary Starter, WWE wrestler 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, gives the command for drivers to start their engines prior to the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Samsung 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on April 15, 2007 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR)

10:00 p.m. Saturday May 11, 1998

My brother woke me up because it was time to watch Raw is War on local TV.


We watched raw is war it was good but too many advertisements i hate advertisements....


I stood up because there was an advertisement. i went to get a glass of water


Raw is on T.V. again i was happy my brother was happy too he was noisy, so I gave him a stone cold stunner. He passed out.


My mother saw my brother unconscious on the floor; I was scolded. She gave me a slap, an elbow, and a flying DDT.


I got up from the paralyzing DDT. I realized my mother was comforting my brother who was still unconscious. I grabbed a chair and I hit her.. I hit her again


She begged for mercy so i stopped, but it was all a trap she grabbed the chair and she hits me straight on the face.


I was knocked out.


I was about to stand up, but I saw my brother, who is now conscious, flapping his foot, then I realized that he was about to give me some Sweet Chin Music.


I slowly got up.


I got hit with sweet chin music


I was screwed. I saw 3 little birds around my head...hi birds why are you here? the birds now are singing songs..


I woke up...I heard my father speaking he scolded me...He said that wresting was fake

I refused to believe in him...

11:00 pm

warm urine ran over my pants as a fell to sleep... wresting is real... wresting is real.. wrestling is....   ZZZzZZzz