NBA Tweets from Last Night: Twitter Reacts to Kevin Love's Near Triple-Double

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NBA Tweets from Last Night: Twitter Reacts to Kevin Love's Near Triple-Double

Kevin Love and the Minnesota Timberwolves snapped the Oklahoma City Thunder's 12-game win streak Thursday night in explosive fashion. 

Though Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 63 points, it was Love—along with Nikola Pekovic—who stole the show.

Minnesota's star forward posted a near triple-double, putting up 28 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists in 40 minutes of action. He even swatted away two shots as well.

But, what was the result? A victory over the most dominant team in the NBA.

One that culminated in a social media explosion from the game's onset.

No really, I'm not even kidding. The night began with Reggie Miller making an oh-so-incorrect assessment of Love's emergence:

With that said, the game wasn't entirely marked by analytical mistakes. Love's performance prompted Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman to make an astute observation about the Thunder's defense:

Now, while I will in no way attempt to discredit the ever-so-honest impostor who actually admits he's not Bill Walton, Love's dominance spurred the following indiscernible depiction:

While I honestly have little-to-no idea what he was trying to convey there, I have no trouble interpreting Zach Harper of's assessment of Love's passing:

For those wondering, the seven dimes Love dished out actually tied his career high.

For those also wondering, the Thunder seemed to become visibly frustrated by Love's relentless efforts:

I'm not sure Oklahoma City's actual jab compares to the proverbial one Sportscenter delivers by paying homage to J.J. Barea instead of Love:

Fear not, though, because as always, Bleacher Report delivered a much appreciated, healthy dose of truth:

What also turns out to be true is that Love led the Timberwolves to their first victory over the Thunder in 13 tries:

But it wasn't just a victory for Minnesota but UCLA as well. That is Love's Alma Mater, after all. Oh, Westbrook went there, too? Damn:

Speaking of both Love and Westbrook, we saw a Bruin block a fellow Bruin when Love—emphatically, I might add—sent one of Westbrook's shots back.

Just in case you missed it, here's what the demonstratively monstrous rejection looked like:

Both a win and a fail for UCLA alums here...

Why is that important?

Because after the game, we were able to see that Love invoked a sense of utter amazement coupled with bewilderment on the face of Pekovic as a result:

Gif via @cjzero.

Or was Pekovic's look of confusion the result of one fan suggesting the Los Angeles Lakers can pry Love out of Minny? Thankfully, Andy Kamentsky of puts such nonsense to bed. Sorry, Tinseltown:

For those that care about things outside of whimsical trade suggestions, Love's performance did earn him stat line of the night:

If you ask me, Love also deserves to win snapshot of the night as well:

Photo via US Presswire (h/t

I mean, come on. How could a face like that lose?

Apparently, it cannot. Just ask the Thunder.

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