Who Will Be Miss Wrestlemania?

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2009

Wrestlemania 25 is approaching and it's time to take a final look at who will be the first ever Miss Wrestlemania. As of now, there are about six spots open with Gail Kim already returned and Candice Michelle reportedly cleared to wrestle in time for the big match. The names of past Divas being contacted is large, but just as large are the number that have reportedly turned the spots down. Here's my dream six:

1. Trish (no reports yet)

2. Chyna (more likely not even contacted)

3. Victoria (reportedly contacted)

4. Sunny (the original and has already accepted)

5. Lita (reportedly turned down the spot)

6. Molly Holly (see Lita)

For sure we have Sunny and Torrie; I'd count Trish and Victoria in. The final two could go to Stacy Kiebler and maybe to shock, Luna Vachon. But let's continue to who I think should win, and who will win.

My should win goes to Mickie James, almost like giving out the MVP award. Mickie really carried the roster on her shoulders for a good part of the year. Since she and Melina are on the same side and on the same show, she's not getting a title shot anytime soon. Mickie winning this is like winning prom queen, which I'm sure if fans were voting for current divas, she'd win hands down.

My will win is going to Maryse. I know alot of people, nearly all, think Trish will win, but I think Maryse will be the one to eliminate her. She seems to be on top of a lot of people's lists (including Vince McMahon) and the WWE would be wise to let one of their current Divas get the "crown." Maryse seems to be the shining star of the roster, and winning will be icing on the cake, especially if a roster change like I think is going to happen with her.

On a side note, I'm hoping this rumored ECW Divas Night happens on the taping Monday because I will be attending the show and plan to share some live notes on here.