Nick Saban Goes on a Tirade: Can Anyone Blame Him Though?

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Nick Saban Goes on a Tirade: Can Anyone Blame Him Though?
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Well, it finally happened. But who wasn't expecting it? I mean Nick Saban has every right to be mad, after his players' lack of performance in spring practice. If I were him, I would be mad too, because he knows and everyone else knows that they are expecting big things out of that team.

If you want me to explain what I mean by tirade, I will. Here are just some of the things Saban said in his press conference.

"The focus wasn't what it needed to be, mental energy wasn't what it needed to be. Rather than trying to endure practice, get through it, stay one step ahead of the posse so you don't trouble with a coach or get reprimanded for doing something wrong.

Try to do it right. I am not pleased with where we are, and I think this team needs to develop a chemistry in attitude and leadership and understand what they are trying to accomplish, how important it is to them. And make the investment they need to make to do that.

You know, when you build a house and you make it hurricane proof, you're getting prepared for what? A hurricane that may or may not ever come, but we're going to have 12 hurricanes next year. We know they're coming."

Now after all that, I believe you can see that he wasn't a happy guy. After all this, I think the only thing he can blame on himself is moving a practice that was originally scheduled for a day before Easter to Mar. 13; he should have known that wasn't going to work out well.

But, the point I am trying to prove in this article is: Should we blame Saban for being mad.

I, 100 percent without a doubt, do not blame him. My reason why is that from what I have read, Alabama has been slacking off a lot. I also hear that Virginia Tech's spring practice is going good. So if we stay on this track, we are going to get our butts kicked.

But Saban did say that he was proud of the progress we had in just shorts and helmets and with only a few linebackers to practice with due to the Brandon Fanney suspension. Middle linebacker also missed, but from my understanding, is suspended indefinitely.

So now, after the fact that Saban has done all this, I want you to vote and tell me if you're on his side or does he not have a reason to be mad? I also would like you to comment and tell me the main reason he had the right to be mad.

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