Wrestlemania 25: What Has Came and What Is To Come

Donny QuickContributor IMarch 25, 2009

Wrestlemania, the greatest spectacle in Sports entertainment.

From Hogan Slamming The Giant to The Undertaker defeating Edge to go 16-0. We've seen alot over the years at Wrestlemania, surprises, stars and legends.

But for some reason this Wrestlemania could be even bigger than past events. Over the past couple weeks on Raw, Smackdown & ECW we've witnessed legends defiled, a brothers betrayal and a rivalry taken to new heights.

So i here are some of my thoughts on The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania.

When it comes to the money in the bank match anyone has the edge. Any man can win this match as we've seen in the past.

I believe Christian has the edge in this match and I'm looking forward to seeing if he can pull through. Although it would be nice to see if Kane could win and regain some more popularity and win a major title.

Jeff Hardy Vs Matt Hardy, The Brother Vs. Brother match. We've seen this one time and time again Kane & Taker, Owen & Bret etc.  But this one has alot of potential, being that it is an Extreme Rules match this one will be exciting. Lots of great action is expected and the outcome I'm looking at is most likely Jeff winning because of Matt getting the upper-hand the past couple of weeks.

Chris Jericho Vs. The Legends, listen I'm not biased but I hope Jericho gets torn apart period. And look for a Certain Star to be apart of the match, and that's all I'm saying.

JBL Vs. Mysterio (IC Title) I'm not so sure about this one, it will be a good match but there wasn't that much hype for this match and JBL vows to do something "historic". We will see how it turns out. JBL just captured the title so don't be surprised if he retains it.

The 25 Diva Battle Royal, I love this one, and honestly who cares who wins cuz the fans win big time.

Taker Vs. HBK, Quite possibly the best match of the night, I'm looking forward to this one over any other match. Lots of great wrestling in this one no doubt. It can go either way but i think there's one streak that will be announced... 17-0

Cena Vs. Big Show Vs. Edge (World Heavyweight Championship) This will be a good match but i think they could've done without the love triangle storyline. Winner most likely Cena but we all know Edge and is reputation "The Ultimate Opportunist"

Lastly the most physical & emotional match of the night Orton Vs. Triple H (WWE Championship) Don't look for a wrestling match look for a brawl. Orton's on fire no doubt but is The Game going to put it out? Or is Orton going to roll on to be WWE champ once again? This one is a toss up if it's the match of the night (which is only fair) look for Triple H to retain and Orton gets it at Backlash. Or Orton wins it hands down who knows.

So Wrestlemania will be great no doubt, lots of exciting matches and shockers in store. So tune in April 5th for the Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment.