WWE News: AJ Lee, the Miz and Your Babyface/Heel-Turn Roundup

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistDecember 20, 2012

WWE News: AJ Lee, the Miz and Your Babyface/Heel-Turn Roundup

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    The tides are turning in the WWE and so are the babyfaces—and heels.  Changes of heart have become the rule more than the exception.  Stars like The MIz, who fans have been accustomed to as a villain, has now settled into a role as the fan favorite. 

    Meanwhile, the lovably pint-sized AJ Lee has opted to wear the black hat, much to the chagrin of John Cena. 

    A small handful of WWE superstars and divas seem to be on their way to refurbished characters.  These characters have all been involved in angles over the past two months resulting in an apparent change in their status as babyfaces or heels. 

AJ Lee Turns Heel, Costs John Cena Money in the Bank

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    The freshet coat of heel paint is currently being worn by one AJ Lee.  AJ had spent the majority of her WWE career as a babyface.  She was most recently the victim of an aggressive smear campaign orchestrated by the consummate heel, Vickie Guerrero. 

    AJ's character is one of an indecisive, erratic "crazy chick."  CM Punk once had a memorable confrontation with AJ where he admitted "I sort of dig crazy chicks" after coming to the conclusion that she may be a few beers short of a six pack.

    This reputation made it difficult to immediately assume that AJ had turned heel at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs when she pushed John Cena off of a 20-foot ladder.  This could have been just another moment of indecisiveness from everybody's favorite crazy chick.  

    However, the following night on RAW, AJ celebrated as newcomer Big E. Langston attacked Cena to close the show. 

Vickie Guerrero Turns Babyface?

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    Vickie Guerrero has been at odds with AJ since causing Lee's resignation on the Oct. 29 edition of RAW. 

    Guerrero has been one of the WWE's strongest heel characters, able to incite hostile reactions simply by uttering "excuse me!" 

    With AJ's recent heel turn coming after a justifiable attack on Vickie Guerrero, the two seem destined to switch roles as the heroine and the villain. 

    Vickie Guerrero teamed up with top babyface John Cena to take on AJ and Dolph Ziggler this past Monday on RAW.  As a result, Guerrero's business relationship with Ziggler appears to have come to an end. 

The Miz Turns Babyface, Teams with Foley

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    The Miz offered his assistance to Mick Foley, who captained a team of babyfaces at Survivor Series to take on Team Ziggler. 

    Foley obliged, and though many expected Miz to go heel right away, he stayed true to his team and was one of the last individuals eliminated. 

    Miz has since built on his face turn with a string of Miz TV segments designed to antagonize heels.  On a recent episode of RAW (seen above), Miz's targets included heel tag team Team Rhodes Scholars.

Alberto Del Rio Feuds with 3MB, Turns Babyface

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    Alberto Del Rio made a rather shocking face turn this past Sunday at the WWE TLC pay-per-view.  Del Rio's longtime ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez was being harassed by heel stable 3MB, only for Del Rio to make the save. 

    Del Rio later teamed with newly minted babyface Miz and hometown favorite the Brooklyn Brawler in a six-man tag team match.  The trio defeated 3MB. 

Team Hell No Embrace Role as Babyfaces

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    Daniel Bryan and Kane of Team Hell No have spent much of their existence as tongue-in-cheek heels.  While they were brought together against their own will (while both were still heels), the entertaining antics by this tag team has incited positive reactions from live crowds. 

    A hug-it-out segment on RAW was cheered on by fans.  The stunt was 10 minutes of jockeying for position before the pair eventually embraced, but fans ate it up

    Daniel Bryan plays up his heel character by urging fans not to chant "yes" and has made a habit of arguing with fans with the audacity to even utter his former catchphrase. 

    The pair has put aside their differences with each other and the fans since being at odds with the Shield. The antagonistic stable attacked Team Hell No on a recent episode of RAW. 

    Daniel Bryan and Kane now find common ground as a babyface tag team, and the legendary Ric Flair even joined in on the fun with the infusion of "woo" to complement Bryan's "yes" catchphrase.