Handicapping Phoenix Suns Players' Odds of Making the 2013 NBA All-Star Game

Roberto PayneContributor IDecember 20, 2012

Marcin Gortat (left) and Goran Dragic (right) are Phoenix's best shots at making the All-Star game
Marcin Gortat (left) and Goran Dragic (right) are Phoenix's best shots at making the All-Star gameJennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Three Phoenix Suns players are on the 2013 All-Star ballot, but it doesn't look like any of the three will actually make the game.

Of the three Suns (Marcin Gortat, Luis Scola and Goran Dragic) on the official ballot, none were included in the first official ballot release.

That certainly isn't how Phoenix wanted the team to be represented on the first ballot, but that doesn't mean this is indicative of each player's chance to make the All-Star game.

This merely states that there won't be a Phoenix Sun in the starting lineup.

However, be honest, how many of you thought there would be a Phoenix player in the starting lineup anyway? I certainly didn't see it happening.

Let's look at the odds of each player to make the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

First off, let's look at Luis Scola's odds at making the Western Conference All-Star team.

Scola came over to the Suns this offseason to man the post with Gortat, but after a hot start has seen his minutes decline and even lost his starting job to Markieff Morris.

Scola hasn't been putting up eye-popping stats and isn't even the top low-post scoring option on his team.

Partner that will the ridiculous depth of the frontcourt in the Western Conference and there's little to no shot Scola participates in his first All-Star game.

I set Scola's odds at 0 percent because there is no way his combination of stats and status on a losing team get him in the game as a reserve.

Next, let's look at Marcin Gortat's odds at making the Western Conference All-Star team.

Gortat looked like an early lock for the All-Star game, but wildly inconsistent play has really hurt his chances at making the game.

He started out the season with five double-doubles in the first eight games but has only had three in the next 18 games.

However, Gortat is simply more talented than those numbers and should see his stats increase as his minutes start to climb back up.

Having the center position taken away doesn't seem like it will hurt Gortat because there's no way Gortat gets in the starting lineup. He just isn't popular enough.

As a reserve, he has a much better shot to make the team but even then he's not a front-runner for one of those spots.

I set Gortat's odds at 25 percent because there is a chance an injury or two occurs and Gortat could fill in nicely as an injury replacement.

Finally, let's look at Goran Dragic's odds at making the Western Conference All-Star team.

Dragic has played very well this year and is having a career best season in his return to Phoenix.

Dragic is leading the Suns in several key categories such as points, steals and assists. However, those stats don't compare well against other Western Conference point guards.

Among Western Conference point guards, Dragic is sixth in scoring per game, seventh in assists per game and fourth in steals per game.

There's no doubting that Dragic is Phoenix's best chance at playing in the all-star game but, as of now, that chance looks very low.

I set Dragic's odds at 33 percent because there are so many deserving point guards and Dragic is not near the top of that list.