Hey, It's Not the NHL, BUT...Is It as Racist?

yungCaucasoid ...Correspondent IMarch 25, 2009

BOSTON - JANUARY 31:  Tuukka Rask of the Boston Bruins waits for the face off against the New York Rangers on January 31, 2009 at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

When I reflect on The Ron Artest Brawl a few years ago *sparked by his employer refusing to protect him from xenophobic fans, no doubt* I think about the National Hockey League.

No, not the Dany Heatley's or Todd Bertuzzi's! Or others who get to enjoy the privileges of White-ski...oops, I mean, continue playing as Vick rots in priso...oh wait! He's done rotting now. 

Excuse me once again, folks, its that darn *deductive reasoning* flaring up on me again.  

But the ones who fight, far often than Artest, then get it marginalized and downplayed into "...Hockey is a violent sport..."

And, for some reason, I'm sure a few NFL players have reflected on the "violent sport" societal-double standard, for a predominantly, Black violent sport versus a much grander predominantly-White, violent sport. I'd like to ask the Carolina Panthers WR, Steve Smith, for starters. I'm sure he'd validate me.

Back to the 'ole hockey-ice and the epitome of White skin privilege, indeed! Oh yes, Equality-seekers...i-n-d-e-e-d

Specimen for this article, will indeed be, one Mr. Tuukka Rask, who certainly just recently enjoyed the privileges of White-skin, when being exempt from suspension for this tirade.

I saw this, and pictured multitudes of hockey-lovin' 11 & 12 year-olds, across North American shores. 

And how they woke up this morning and found that Tuukka will face no disciplinary action. And God forbid the number who may have looked further than YouTube to find that Tuukka is now being celebrated for his antics, upon the 'no suspension' news. 

Now, we have to pray that that stroke of destructive behavior doesn't become a cornerstone concept of goalie training.

We'll call it playing *The Entitlement Card* for those of you, who hear that chalkboard-scratching sound every time you read my phrase 'privileges of White-skin' as it veraciously exposes Inequality In Sports where White-racists are culpable.

So, in conclusion, just ask yourselves;

What if T.O. had carried on this way? Or, Stephon Marbury? Or, Manny-boy Ramirez?  Or, Barry Bonds? Or, Etan Thomas? Or, Ty Willingham? Or, Josh Howard? Or, Isiah Thomas? Or, Charles Barkley? Or, any other non-Caucasian athlete who is infamously known by major media as "refusing" to be submissive/remain silent, about Inequality?

So, wish Tukkaa luck, guys. 

With his recent behavior, and accompanying pass, I'm sure some NHL-GM will be willing to have him return to your local NHL arena soon. Skill being almost irrelevant. 

Tuukka on an NHL roster spot, after yesterday, will be like—when ESPN added Limbaugh. 

Wake up, owners! 

And it's not about the game either. 

It's about increasing a white-racist fan base, in that $70-$110K annual income range, obviously. Keep showing displays of peculiarity, and revenues will be up, in no time. 

Maybe NHL-Marketing can even get a few AIG execs as promo-goons carrying anti-Obama signs. That should certainly cast some subliminal attention, on hockey, being able to play *The Entitlement Card* like we saw in Mr. Rask and Mr. Heatley and Mr. Bertuzzi and...the list can go on.