What Bleacher Report Gives YOU!

Brit Milazzo@@M11azzoCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2009

“Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.”

Bleacher Report, Inc. explores the most significant news in sports, while providing their audience with articles that will provoke passion and thought, and can be displayed on both CBSSports.com and FoxSports.com. There will be articles that offer a comprehensive idea of the latest development in sport news, history and action.

They will distinguish this print/online media in three ways:

  • By respecting the sport as a distinct element with culture and society;
  • By respecting athletes as persons and individuals, and not viewing them simply as performers and entertainers;
  • By respecting the intelligence of the audience by avoiding clichés and repetition that have become the stereotypical standard.

They will write articles of individuals and of organizations, tackle the issues that affect everyone, but particularly impact athletes, athletics, and fans. They will constantly challenge themselves to tell the audience more than just the story, but why they are writing it and why the audience should care.

Reports will vary from breaking news to analysis of games and teams to investigations, and will utilize the vast editorial and production resources Bleacher Report offers, as well as news archives, league properties, and, when appropriate, privately held material, given from other media sources.

Articles will be designed to establish an issue that will be discussed further by senior writers, columnists, analysts, scribes, contributors, and members, in general. They will work to use as much information as they have obtained and know to be accurate.

They work together as a team of writers and editors and reinforce the theory that together individuals can produce greater amounts than the sum of their parts.

Bleacher Report will become recognized for how well they communicate with each other and for their receptiveness to ideas. Strong story ideas derive from opinions and a host of sources, primary among other sites.

Together, they have the opportunity to establish the sport media as a defining standard. They have the vision, resources, individuals, and skills to grab the audience.

Britney Milazzo is a Contributor for Bleacher Report.