Floyd Mayweather: Why Ortiz-Berto II Is Perfect for Money May's Next Undercard

Justin TateCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2012

Victor Ortiz.
Victor Ortiz.Al Bello/Getty Images

Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto are two fighters in their 20s who know how to produce action and suspense in the ring. Their first fight together was declared by many as the fight of the year in 2011.

Both fighters have gone 1-2 in the past two years since then. Both are at a crossroads where each needs a big win to return to prominence. A rematch of their previous classic would do just the trick.

The perfect place to hold the match would be on the May 4 HBO Pay-Per-View undercard that hosts the 2013 return of Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather undercards have not always held the most exciting fights in the past, but his previous fight with Miguel Cotto had Saul Alvarez facing Shane Mosley.

This was obviously an attempt to inject some life into the undercard for the fans. Having Ortiz-Berto II on the undercard of Mayweather's next fight would serve a similar purpose.

One concern Ortiz's promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, may have is that Berto might fail another drug test, as he did earlier this year when they first tried to make the rematch.

The test turned out to be accidentally contaminated, meaning Ortiz-Berto II should be able to go through this time without renewed concerns that a failed drug test could cancel it.

Berto and Ortiz each suffered two knockdowns during their first fight. A knockout between the two of them is not out of the question, especially if Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer puts up another one of his famous knockout bonuses.

Schaefer has already confirmed in a report by The Ring that Ortiz will return in either April or May of 2013, which is pretty close to Mayweather's May 4 return date.

If Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather wish to continue improving the quality of their undercards, Ortiz-Berto II has to happen.

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