B/R New Syndication Brand: I Wasn't Branded! Just My Luck!

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IMarch 25, 2009

ATHENS, GREECE - AUGUST 9: A cartoon depicting bottles of chemicals winning Olympic medals is pinned to a noticeboard at the Doping Control Laboratory of Athens during the final days before the start of the 2004 Olympic Games August 9, 2004 in Athens. The Olympic Games will start on Friday, August 13. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)    *** Local Caption ***

During the last few articles I've been wondering why I'm not getting many hits, so I'm thinking , gee! I'm getting boring.

I checked google news for content and to my surprise no more asifyouknow articles are posted there.

I understand you now must be "BRANDED FOR SYNDICATION" to have your content appear on google news.

My Montoya articles always have apeared on google news and I don't believe it has embaresed anyone at b/r, actually one of them got over 4300 hundred hits.

Some of my articles have had over 7000 hits, and of course there were also some stinkers with 12 that got no play, but again my numbers are better then the averege. 

Many of the articles have been picked as "pick of the day"

What does is all mean? actually nothing, I would enjoy this even if i was #1100 in the rankings, I'm just venting, doing what asifyouknow always does, speak out when I find things hard to understand, your not dealing with a brain surgeon here..lol.

I want to start with rhe definition of bleacher: Bleachers are long rows of benches, often consisting of alternating steps and seats.

Okay?, on those bleachers folks called fans usually sit to watch some kind of sporting event, baseball,football, racing etc, after the event they always have an opinion.

Unfortunately at times they only have their wife or kids or grand-mama to discuss the event with, and most of the time those folks just want to get home and eat pizza, they got no interest whatsoever on listening to dad's opinion, are you with me so far?

So enter the "BLEACHER REPORT" a place where we can get on the computer and write a fans opinion, not an experts opinion, not an opinion from someone who is aspiring to be a reporter on ESPN, just a fan.

No perfect punctuation, no wonderfully award winning written articles, just a fans opinion. nothing more and nothing less.

I have had a great time here, there are some wonderful writers here and I'm green with envy of them, I'm proud of my top ten finish in the b/r nascar rankings.

I hate to say it but with this new rules and filters I or all "regular folks" won't have much of a chance for a championship, this site will move beyond many "bleacher folks" ability to compete for a "BRAND OF SYNDICATION".

I hope folks at B/R don't get upset at my opinion. I wont spend as much time here but I'll write some once in a while (usually when something gets me mad. lol )and hope my friends here read it.

Again this is just my opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that. 

See you soon dear friends.

 Side note: Just this once please dont edit this article, there is a point there too, al asifyouknow. lol...lol...by the way take this with a grain of salt, it will taste better...lol