Why Dolph Ziggler Cashes in Tonight and Ends a Great 72 Hours of WWE

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

It's the time of giving, and WWE has given us 48 hours of solid programming. Can they go all out and give us 72 hours that's wrapped in a bow for live SmackDown? I say yes.

WWE has set the table perfectly for the final piece of live WWE programming in 2012. A main event of John Cena and Sheamus versus Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.

You have Big E. Langston lurking for John Cena. You have Sheamus and Big Show ready to take each other out. All that's left, is Dolph Ziggler and a briefcase. Finally, Ziggler cashes in and ends a live SmackDown special as World Heavyweight champion.

Everyone was teased with Ziggler possibly cashing in on Monday night prior to John Cena coming in and stopping that. It wouldn't make sense. Pay-per-view or SmackDown is where you do it. Yes, the brand lines are blurred, but the World Heavyweight Championship is still the primary title for SmackDown as the WWE title is for Raw.

The cash in and title change, if not at a pay-per-view, should take place on SmackDown.

If it doesn't happen tonight, I scratch my head for what WWE is waiting for. Next week's Raw on Christmas Eve is also being taped tonight in Pittsburgh after the live SmackDown. Later in the week, WWE will tape the Raw and SmackDown for New Year's Eve week.

Anything major like a new champion has to be seen tonight live to the world because it's not going to happen on a taped show that is filmed more than a week prior to airing.

If Ziggler doesn't cash in tonight, WWE doesn't go back to being on a normal taping schedule until January. Ziggler having the briefcase makes no sense for him to be in Royal Rumble. Big Show can't do anything more with Sheamus, so who keeps challenging Big Show for title in the meantime?

Ziggler not cashing in tonight provides too many bad questions that don't need to be asked. You simply end what could be WWE's best 72-hour sequence of programming with a live SmackDown that delivers. A live SmackDown commercial-free, giving the feeling almost of a pay-per-view because of that.

A SmackDown similar to a pay-per-view format with a pay-per-view caliber finish as THE GUY for the future has his first-career defining moment.