Best Tweets of the Night as Tracy Morgan Takes Over NY Knicks Twitter Account

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIDecember 18, 2012

Dec. 17, 2012; New York, NY, USA; American actor Tracy Morgan (center) poses with fans after the game between the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets at Madison Square Garden. Houston won 109-96. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

If New York Knicks fans weren't excited to have Jeremy Lin back in town, perhaps Tracy Morgan could garner some emotion.

Morgan took over the Knicks' official Twitter feed for the evening. For those unfamiliar, Morgan is a comedian and actor best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock and Scare Tactics.

He's also a native of the Bronx and a lifelong Knicks fan.

Hopefully his comedy can ease the pain of Linsanity running rampant on the opposite side of Madison Square Garden. For those who need the reminder, Lin put up 22 points and eight assists for the Rockets in his return to New York.

A return which led to a 109-96 victory in the Houston Rockets' favor.

For starters, let us establish that Morgan is the ultimate hype man for any pickup game at your local park. Just hand him a megaphone and you'll find audio gold.

Is Rucker Park in need of a replacement?


Pepperoni. No extra cheese. Pepsi. 2 buckets back to back. #TracyTakeover

— NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) December 18, 2012


As the game progressed, the Knicks paid homage to their Twitter handler of the evening. Morgan was honored with an appearance on the jumbotron.

Wouldn't you respond this way too?


Look I'm on the jumbotron!… #TracyTakeover

— NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) December 18, 2012


It wasn't just Morgan who received attention for his appearances, though. The comedian offered his respect to James White, who checked into the game to the following tweet.

You know, an acknowledgement of the things that matter.


Look at those Orange shoes! #TracyTakeover

— NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) December 18, 2012


Whenever White entered the game from thereon out, he received the same description. Not James White, but "orange kicks."

Everyone needs a nickname.


Orange kicks just checked in. #TracyTakeover

— NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) December 18, 2012



In case New Yorkers are wondering where they can find Morgan after the game, look no further than the United Nations Headquarters. He has some business to handle.


After the game i'm going to the UN to discuss the fiscal cliff. I gotta crunch some numbers. #TracyTakeover

— NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) December 18, 2012


If anyone can do it, it's Morgan.

Unfortunately, Tracy Morgan's presence was not enough to will the Knicks to victory. Even as they made a Chris Copeland-fueled late-game push, they were unable to secure a come-from-behind victory.

Even still, Morgan thanked fans for following along with him.


Tough game Knicks. But thank you to my fans for hanging during my Knicks twitter takeover #TracyTakeover

— NBA New York Knicks (@nyknicks) December 18, 2012


Perhaps this should be the first and last time Morgan makes an appearance for the Knicks.