Young Mike Miller Rocking WWF Picture Restores Faith in Humanity

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 17, 2012

Photo Credit: Wrestling Champs
Photo Credit: Wrestling Champs

Mike Miller is in pretty much the most awesome picture the world has ever had the pleasure to receive, and it was taken years ago when the WWF was a thing. 

SportsGrid happened upon a rather wonderful image floating around the Internets, as wonderful images are known to do nowadays. 

UPDATE: It seems the image is being disputed. Contrary to SportsGrid and Wrestling Champs, the image is being claimed as Independent wrestler, Stompin' Steve Bragg, who you can reach here. 

The picture is of current Miami Heat forward Mike Miller, who is also a former lover of all things WWF (or, at least that is what we glean from the picture). 

Here is that picture, which was originally taken from Wrestling Champs with the tagline of, "Need those Zubaz."

Bow before this image of a young Mike Miller pretty much showing how awesome his youth was. Fortunately, we had similar likes as children, so we share in his love affair with the professional wrestling organization known as the WWF. 

While we have made the transition to the WWE with limited bruising, we can't get over how sick this era was. 

It takes us back to an age when pro wrestling characters were actually characters—guys who were as colorful as cartoons. 

If we are going real zany, there was an actual cartoon we remember fondly called Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling

If that weren't enough to tell you the best days are behind us, consider Andre the Giant. 

I could go on and on espousing the reasons why the best decades were the ones brought to us with in-you-face colors and Zubaz pants, but I will leave the best argument to the one above. 

Mike Miller as a kid, draped in WWF paraphernalia, is pure awesome. 

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