WWE TLC 2012 Results: What If CM Punk Cannot Wrestle at Royal Rumble?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 18, 2012


While the images of Ryback, The Shield and AJ Lee are still fresh in everyone's mind, I thought of something that could effectively destroy any momentum the WWE has moving toward a new year—what if CM Punk cannot wrestle at the Royal Rumble?

Punk appeared on the TLC pay-per-view with his "close friend," Paul Heyman, and fired another salvo at the WWE faithful about how he is the best in the world and how he is still the best wrestler in the business.

We did not hear from The Rock concerning the potential match up of two WWE greats, but the images of the Brahma Bull making his triumphant return to the ring was a great way to kick start momentum.

But, what if the current WWE Champion cannot lock horns with The Great One?

This was the case with John Cena in Hell in a Cell, which prompted the rise of Ryback. Other superstars have had injuries in the past that have kept them out of the ring, forcing them to forfeit their titles.

For some reason (one that is all too clear), the WWE needs this match to happen because of issues with ratings, and the lack of support for other superstars to take a leap forward.

John Cena is being used ineffectively ( Ican't believe I just said that), and wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston are now the Main Event stars who will get the biggest push in 2013.

Ryback may toil in purgatory with The Shield as a great angle, but will not secure him a WWE Title.

The Royal Rumble is the first PPV of the year; with Punk's knee injury, could everything be foiled before it truly begins?

The WWE has not worked hard enough to market the match with Punk and Rock. It worked doubly hard to promote Rock/Cena. This, in my mind, is more important to the success and future of this company.

Does the WWE have a contingency plan? Who can step in and be "the man" if Punk does not heal properly? Will John Cena step up? Does Dolph Ziggler get a sniff? Would Ryback be a great replacement?  And if so, would The Shield get involved in this kind of rivalry?

Too many questions, not enough answers. Guess the only thing to do is watch this all play out. And we still have not heard what The Rock has to say.