Philadelphia Eagles: O.P.P. Other People's Players or Other People's Problems?

Anthony WilliamsonCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 07:  Receiver Braylon Edwards #17 of the Cleveland Browns nearly pulls in this touchdown reception against Nick Harper #20 of the Tennessee Titans during the game on December 7, 2008 at LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Braylon Edwards.

Anquan Boldin.

Tony Gonzalez.

A Hall of Fame Tight End, and two very talented, young wide receivers any of which would be an instant upgrade over the current starters at those positions. Which is not a knock on DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis and Brent Celek, by any means.

In fact with the exception of a few missteps here and there (fourth down comes to mind...) each one of those guys proved they deserve to be here.

Not just in the NFL, but in such a volatile sports town like Philly. Which is of even greater importance, right Mr. Cunningham? Still...

Braylon Edwards.

Anquan Boldin.

Tony Gonzalez.

Who wouldn't salivate at the thought of having their quarterback throwing to one of these guys? Do you need a big name guy at the skill position to win a Superbowl? Not necessarily.

But having one is like having the tall guy in a game of pick-up; you don't need him to win, but it sure is a nice to have him on your team. Especially if the other team (Giants) has a chance to get him before you.

And even the most casual fan of football knows that any of the above could—given the right price, the right situation, the right circumstances- be wearing midnight green next season. After all, it's no secret the Eagles are in prime position to make moves. 

Twelve Draft Picks.

Tens of millions under the cap. 

A need to reinvigorate the fan base and the Franchise QB.

There is literally nothing stopping the Eagles Front Office from positioning themselves to get one or even two of these athletes.And yet...

Nothing. Not a whisper of possible interest. Not a hint of talks—and there's nothing wrong with talking- between the Eagles and any of the teams involved. In this 24 hour information overloaded society where news can break at midnight on a free agents' front lawn?

It stands to reason that if there was significant interest it would have leaked. If for no other reason than to start a bidding war among the interested parties to jack up the price. That's just good economics.

Still there's nothing. Nothing at all and I think I know why.

It's not because of the fans. Even though J-Ro called the Philadelphia Fans "front-runners" and Barkley said "they love you when you win" that's not enough to scare a player away from a team that can pay top dollar.

You don't always need thick skin to play in Philadelphia, sometimes a thick enough wallet can be just as sure a protection. Besides as long as Donovan McNabb plays for the Eagles and Andy Reid is the coach, the fans have more visible targets of frustration.

And it's not the front office. Despite the reputation Banner and Lurie have of being, shall we say "frugal", they have in the not so distant past, paid for incoming players.

Even if guys like Sheldon Brown and Quinten Mikell are grossly underpaid, when they bring guys in they open the piggy bank. Plus they're not afraid to upgrade a position that might already be set.

We saw that last year when they brought in Asante Samuel to a loaded secondary. 

We know it can't be the coach because—well, actually...

Andy Reid has said "I like our wide receivers..."

Reid also said: "I'll put that group up against other receiving groups in this league, especially with Donovan throwing the football and with the type of offense we have throwing the football."

Now granted, the head coach has to say these things. And anyone who knows Big Red knows he'd never throw a guy under the bus publicly. A fact which endears players to him but frustrates media and fans alike.

But between the lines of that well travelled interview with Dave Spadaro is the truth, if you look closely enough.

Bottom line: Andy Reid doesn't want anybody else's players.

Or to clarify: He doesn't want anyone else's unhappy players.

Braylon Edwards is seen by the Browns as a talented underachieverand is unhappy with the constant losing and the obscurity that comes with playing in a town that has that LeBron guy in it.

As far as the Browns go, the back up quarterback is more well known than him. Why else would he do commercials for 5 hour energy?

Tony Gonzalez is an icon in KC, if at all possible management doesn't want him to go. He's frustrated with the losing too. And as bad as the AFC West was last year it's gotta eat at him how they ended the season.

Anquan wants more "quan" if I can steal a line from Jerry Maguire, but that other guy is stealing his shine. Of course, that other guy may be end up the best receiver not named Rice when all is said and done.

The common thread between them is that they're all dissatisfied.

So if you pull off the deal and get one of these guys in, before they pick up Reid's playbook, he's gotta soothe their fragile ego's. Which as we know is Andy Reid's strong suit, right?

Feel free to insert derisive laughter here...

Frankly Andy has enough on his plate right now. He's got a Quarterback who has finally had enough of toeing the company line. He's got a running back who despite his immense talent is as fragile as Samuel L Jackson was in "Unbreakable."

He's got an offensive line full of question marks. His Defensive Coordinator is fighting health issues and the perception that he doesn't make adjustments in game. Not to mention his ongoing family issues, that although there's no media coverage on has got to still be a strain on his mental and physical health.

Maybe this silence is Andy loudly saying: No Mas.

The West Coast Offense that Andy runs is hard for rookies to grasp, how much harder will it be for a veteran player who between High School, College and who knows how many Coordinators in the pro's could have several hundred plays already in his head?

Plus, they have to adjust to a new coach, a new batch of teammates, a new way of doing things and a new city. Coming out of college you feel privileged; coming from another team you feel entitled. And no one, especially not Andy, cares what you think you are entitled to!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the last time the Eagles brought in a dissatisfied player via trade, even though that situation has been documented to death. Suffice to say it didn't work out too well.

And this time around he won't have veteran looker room guys like Trotter, Dawkins or even Hugh Douglas to keep him in line. If you can't imagine how bad it could have been without those guys, take a look a couple states to the south west. Still...

Braylon Edwards.

Anquan Boldin.

Tony Gonzalez.

Andy may or may not see these guys as potential problems, I honestly don't know and you can form your own opinion if you like. All I know for sure is, some teams would love to have them kinda problems...