WWE TLC 2012 Results: The Shield Beats Ryback and Team Hell No and What It Means

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2012

The Shield gathered during an interview with Michael Cole. Photo: WWE.com
The Shield gathered during an interview with Michael Cole. Photo: WWE.com

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs saw The Shield defeat Ryback and WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No in a TLC match. Their dominant victory shows the WWE is fully behind pushing the new stable as a top force in the WWE.

The WWE opted not to have this match close out the show, but that shouldn’t be taken as a sign that they don’t have faith in the group of newcomers.

This match was one of the most anticipated matches on the card. Fans looked forward to the in-ring debut of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

They weren’t disappointed.

This was the perfect stipulation for the group’s debut match. It allowed for each member of The Shield to use their wrestling talents to further the character he’s developed through promos.

Ambrose looked crazy, backing up the persona he’s established in his promos through his ring work. He showed all the intensity you could expect and then some.

Reigns’ performance solidified him as the faction’s powerhouse. One of his shining moments was spearing Kane through the ringside barricade, which elicited a “This is awesome” chant from the Brooklyn crowd.

Also, when Ryback began to pick up momentum after double suplexing Ambrose and Rollins, Reigns was able to slow him down. He also kept Kane and Ryback grounded at ringside, allowing his partners to double-team Daniel Bryan.

Rollins was able to perfectly establish The Shield’s ability to work effectively as a team. Rollins participated in the majority of the team’s double- and triple-team attacks.

The prowess he showed in the teamwork department could foreshadow a future WWE Tag Team Championship run for The Shield.

Their ring work isn’t the only thing that proves the WWE is fully behind them.

The commentators went out of their way to put over the WWE’s newest force. At one point, JBL said that, even in a fair match, The Shield is dominating its competition.

Michael Cole also made sure to point out that while Reigns was keeping an eye on Kane and Ryback, Rollins and Ambrose were in the ring with Bryan.

The Shield ruled this match and the WWE used the commentators to make sure everyone watching was aware of it.

The WWE did about everything possible to put over The Shield in a big way without burying Ryback or taking away too much from the Tag Team Champions.

They gave Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns the tools to establish themselves as true stars and the trio went out there and took advantage of the opportunity.

The Shield controlled a good portion of the match and won in a decisive and memorable fashion. They shined in their debut match in a way that proves they’re the real deal.

Let’s hope the WWE continues to get behind them like they did at TLC.


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