WWE TLC 2012 Results: Kofi Kingston's Win vs. Wade Barrett Ideal for Both Stars

Ben ChodosCorrespondent IIDecember 16, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett put on an entertaining show for a midcard battle at the 2012 Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view, and the result ensures that both stars will remain in the WWE spotlight going forward.

Barrett looked set to deliver a decisive blow with a Bull Hammer, but Kingston showcased his signature move and ended the fight with Trouble in Paradise to hold onto the intercontinental championship.

This is Kington’s fourth stint with this belt, and while letting him retain the championship runs the risk of having people grow tired of him, it will ultimately help build up the importance of the intercontinental title. With fans actually interested in the belt now, the company has intriguing options to build up storylines and create another quality matchup involving a new challenger for Kingston.

His lengthy reign in his current position will allow him to continue building up his mic skills and ascend towards being a main-event attraction. He proved leading up to this event that he could hold his own in an intriguing feud, and this match helped to further legitimize him as a potential major player.

It’s easy to see how winning at an event like this can benefit a star, but the writers did a fantastic job of setting up a scenario that allows Barrett to move on to bigger and better things as well.

Since returning from injury this summer, the company has given Barrett a streak of impressive performances, and he is being built up for something more exciting than a midcard.

With the Royal Rumble coming up, Barrett is the type a captivating star that can be featured leading up to his surprise contribution at the WWE’s next major pay-per-view event.

Bringing a little closure to the feud between him a Kingston will allow him to move seamlessly into other storylines, and 2013 will bring exciting new developments for the Englishman.