Wrestlemania 25: What Match Should End the Show?

Mike AdamouContributor IMarch 25, 2009

With a little over a week until the "biggest Wrestlemania ever", I have heard much debate about what match should close the show at this year's blockbuster event.

I also have a hunch that the WWE writers are driving themselves crazy trying to figure it out, too.

So if the rumors are true, and WWE officials read articles like this one all over the Internet, I may have an idea for you...

Wrestlemania has always closed the show with a major title bout,and I feel that shold never change.

One thing that really gets under my skin, however, is when a wrestler wins the Royal Rumble and doesn't close the show at Wrestlemania (Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23).

The Royal Rumble winner is supposed to get a title shot in the main event of Wrestlemania, right?

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I have always percieved the "main event" of a show to be the match that closes the card.

It makes me think that the WWE can put enough faith in a superstar to have him win the rumble, but show no faith that he can  win the main event Wrestlemania. A prime example of this would be Rey Mysterio's rumble win, yet he did not close Wrestlemania 22.

Another reason why I mention 'Mania 23 is that this shows that Randy Orton vs Triple H is not guaranteed to close the show, even with Orton being the rumble winner.

Many wrestling fans (including myself) feel there are three matches that are contenders to close the show at Wrestlemania 25.



WWE Title: Randy Orton vs. Triple H

In my opinion, Orton is on fire right now, and the right way to go is for him to take the title at 'Mania. But the problem here is having a heel (bad guy) win at the close of the show can kind of put a negative spin on things.

Orton is someone who people love to hate, so they could possibly get away with it here.


World Title Match" John Cena vs. Big Show vs. Edge

The writers have a safe option with this one. They can have Cena win the belt at the close of the show and send everyone home happy...Or at least this is what the WWE like to think.

Cena isn't as popular with the hardcore audience as they like to tell themselves, I think this is how they will close the show, but I hope its not.


Undefeated Match: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

This brings me to what I think is the true main event of the card.

Both of these guys are more popular than Cena, having one of these in either of their hands while the credits roll is a much happier ending.

Let's face it, Orton vs HHH we've seen, Cena vs Edge we've seen, but Taker vs HBK, not in recent memory.

Looking at the card, this match is the standout, and deserves to close the show. But here's the twist..What if I told you I can solve the dilemma of the Taker vs Michaels match not being able to close the show because its not for a major title?

What if I also told you I could propel the ECW brand through the roof, and give it the much-needed boost it needs?

I think you know where I am going with this one..

Have the Taker vs Michaels match close the show with the ECW title on the line!

This solves a number of issues:


  1. The match will be for a major title. Well, it will be a major title by the time this match is finished, anyway.
  2. Theres no ECW title match on the card, now we have one.
  3. The ECW brand will get a major name, exposure and much-needed boost.
  4. This is probably the best chance WWE will get in a long time to put the ECW title in the spotlight.


All they need to do is have Taker or HBK win the title on ECW next week, and write up a small promo from a GM saying its on the line also at Mania.

The other world title matches can have their perfect endings and everyone will go home happy.