Kyle Busch Takes On Washington DC Traffic and the Man They Call Flounder

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IMarch 24, 2009

When you think of stock car racing, the last place that comes to mind would be the Capital Beltway.
I-495 is the interstate highway that circles Washington DC and it's inner suburbs in Maryland and Virginia.
If you live in the DC Metro area or even if you've just passed through, you know that the eight-laned, 64-mile stretch resembles more of a parking lot than a racetrack, but on Thursday March 26, it will become the ultimate super speedway. 
Elliot in the Morning, a radio talk show hosted by DJ Elliot Segal, airing weekly from "5:48 until 10-something" on WWDC (DC101) in the Washington DC metropolitan area, WRXL in Richmond, Virginia, and WCHH in Baltimore, Maryland, will host the Smell My Face Beltway Race - 2.
The inaugural Smell My Face Beltway Race was run in March of 2006 and featured just two drivers. Elliot's annoying, yet lovable Creative Director, Bryan "Flounder" Schlossburg, and Brazilian race car driver Helio Castroneves.
Despite the fact that Castroneves was a decorated Indy Car champion with two consecutive Indianapolis 500 wins under his belt, Flounder surprisingly eek-ed out the win in the final turns of the 64 mile race.
Flounder will defend his Beltway Cup title this week by getting behind the wheel of one of two Toyota FJ Cruisers and racing against NASCAR's original "Wild Thing."
That's right, I'm talking about the driver of the Joe Gibbs No. 18 Sprint Cup car, the one and only Kyle Busch!
This year's race will begin at DC101's home station in Rockville, Maryland at 8:30 am.
The rules are simple, one lap around the DC Beltway, first one back to the station wins.
A pace car will lead the drivers onto Route 270 where the race officially goes green. Sclossburg and Busch will then merge onto the "outer loop" of the Beltway to create the longest left turn, ever! The hell of the morning rush hour will add to the intensity and truly test the boundaries of being caught in heavy traffic!
For safety purposes, a police escort will navigate the route to deter an unsafe driving practices and to avoid the "big one."
The race will travel from Maryland around Washington DC, across the Virginia border, then back into the state of Maryland. The Montrose Road Exit off of Route 270 will mark the final leg of the race, at which point it will be up to the individual drivers to choose the quickest route back to the station for the waving of the checkered flag.
To counteract Flouder's home turf directional advantage, DC101's afternoon DJ, Greg Roche will ride shotgun with Busch, acting as Rowdy's personal helmsman.
So, who will raise the Smell My Face Beltway Race trophy at the end of the day?
Will it be the undefeated DC darling or the NASCAR bad boy?
If you're in the DC area, come support your driver from the shoulder sidelines of I-495 or tune into this Thursday to find out!