WWE TLC 2012: Possible Scenarios for John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler Ladder Match

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistDecember 15, 2012

Photo Courtesy WWE
Photo Courtesy WWE

TLC is a day away, and speculation is swirling over the possibilities for John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler.  Their match, a ladder match, is for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Briefcase.  I don't think anything will fundamentally change if Ziggler retains his briefcase, but what if Cena wins?  And what happens if Ziggler cashes in before the ladder match?  There are a number of interesting possibilities for the ladder match, leading to different, and possibly earthshaking, scenarios in WWE.

In the Ziggler vs. Cena ladder match, it won't be just a contract hanging over the ring.  It is quite possible the future of the World Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance.  If Ziggler retains, the World Heavyweight Championship will very likely continue existing into at least the near future.  If Cena wins, though, we may actually be seeing the beginning of the end of the title.  

It's quite possible, actually, that there may not even be a briefcase over the ruing at all.  Should Sheamus and Big Show have their chairs match prior to Ziggler vs. Cena, there is a very real possibility that Ziggler could cash in.  After all, it's likely that Big Show or Sheamus will be in no position to fight after their match, and if the loser were to beat down the winner, Ziggler could easily cash in and win, setting up a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Either way, if Cena wins, big changes could be on the horizon.

How so?  For starters, regular readers of mine know that I predict a Rock vs. Cena rematch at Wrestlemania XXIX, and that I also predict that match will be for the WWE Championship.  What is now possible if Cena wins either the briefcase or the World Heavyweight Championship itself, is a scenario where The Rock is the WWE Champion and John Cena is the World Heavyweight Champion.  In case you have't put two and two together yet, that scenario leads to one conclusion: title unification.

If a title unification is going to happen, obviously Cena must win.  But there is a strong possibility that he won't.  Could the Shield feel that Ziggler is experiencing "injustice" and interfere in the match?  Will someone else interfere?  

One thing is clear about Ziggler vs. Cena: the future of the World Heavyweight Championship hangs in the balance.