The Nickel: ECW: MVP Lounge, LumberJack Rules, Kidd/Bourne, Benjamin Rocks Mic

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2009

MVP Lounge

Alright, I think I'll rant a bit. Attention to all people who say Shelton can't handle the mic: He handled it well...really well I might say. If you saw ECW, then you see what I'm talking about. He did a great job calling out MVP.

He mocked the Lounge asking MVP for the cheese and crackers as well as saying that the furniture wasn't even his because it was repossessed. He was loud and clear, the gold standard will win the MITB.

Everyone got a chance to speak on the mic, except for Kane who did his taunt with the fire coming out of every corner to close the show. There was the big four out of everyone.

Kofi sounded well, but Punk, MVP, Christian, and Shelton all stole the show. Those four had the best speeches and the MITB is getting better and better, it doesn't matter if Mark Henry is in it, get over it.


Yes, yes, this was a tag team match. It was Bourne and Dreamer vs Tyson Kidd and Swagger. I watched Kidd and Bourne go at it since the two might have a feud down the line and it was new.

It is a shame Kidd isn't undefeated anymore as Bourne pinned him with the shooting star press after disposing of Swagger with a nasty kick off the apron. Kidd looks like he's not going to forget the loss and Bourne looks as great as he did before his injury. I'm all for a Kidd/Bourne feud, if only that could happen.

MNM2 & Colons

This match was so-so. The action was good though. My eyes weren't completely glued as I flipped through other channels. When I turned back, Teddy Long has made the one-on-one match a lumber jack match.

If I'm not mistaken, the tag team match between MNM 2 and the Colons will also be a lumber jack match at Wrestlemania. A slew of lumber jacks came out with The Great Khali leading the way. There were many stars, but R-Truth was the one I wanted to see.

"WHAT'S UP!?!"

Carlito defeats John Morrison.

Not m

12 Rounds

Why am I talking about Cena's movie? I believe ECW only had about two matches. Who's going to go see it? I think I'll go and see that. Will I be supported? Or will Cena haters start throwing rocks at me? I saw the Marine, that's right I SAW THE MARINE and it was alright for a WWE film.

The weather is getting better and the city calls for me. Besides, this movie can give me tons of ideas. Let me advertise for the WWE. Go see 12 Rounds in a theatre near you. Open everywhere nationwide on March 27, 2009. What?! One day before Cena and Rock get it on at the Nick Kids Choice Awards?!

Rest of The Show

-There was Orton/Triple H build up and RAW recap.

-The Wrestlemania 25 card was shown again.

-Howard Finkel HoF promo. Congrats Finkel!

-MVP Lounge was smoking, ask Kane

-Benjamin rocked the mic, don't babble in the segment.

I'll say 3 pennies, not enough for a nickel.