How Loss of Kliff Kingsbury Will Impact Texas A&M's 2013 Recruiting Class

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How Loss of Kliff Kingsbury Will Impact Texas A&M's 2013 Recruiting Class
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Losing now former offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury to the head coaching position at Texas Tech is a significant defeat for Texas A&M, but in regards to recruiting, the Aggies will be just fine.

Texas A&M still is the hottest program in college football and still has head coach Kevin Sumlin and freshman sensation Johnny Manziel at the helm—both integral components to their success in 2012—and if there's a program in college football right now that's built to bounce back from this, it's A&M.

Joe Schad of reports on Texas Tech's big hire:

Texas Tech has hired former quarterback Kliff Kingsbury as its new coach, the school announced Wednesday.

Kingsbury, 33, was offered the Tech job on Wednesday afternoon, and athletic director Kirby Hocutt announced the news of him accepting it with a video posted on Twitter not long after.

"Wreck 'em Tech," Kingsbury said in the video, giving the school's "Guns Up" sign when the camera panned to him.

Assistant coaches are easily the most underrated aspect of college football recruiting, yet they very well could play the most important role. So often we get fixated on the head coaches in regards to recruiting, but the truth of the matter is it's the assistants and position coaches that play the much bigger role.

Keep in mind, the head coach is in charge of the whole program, plus recruiting. In Sumlin's case, his 2013 class currently has 34 recruits verbally committed. There is no way that he can develop a good personal recruiting relationship with even half of those players, let alone all 34, and that's what makes assistants and position coaches so important.

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Assistants are able to take the time to focus on recruits that they will specifically be coaching, and they usually end up developing the better recruiting relationship with said recruits.

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That's where the loss of Kingsbury may end up hurting Texas A&M a bit. If any of the Aggies offensive recruits had a good connection with Kingsbury and were looking forward to being coached by him in 2013 and beyond, this could cause some issues.

The other thing that would be concerning is if Kingsbury ends up taking any of A&M's assistants with him to Texas Tech, and that would be a bridge the Aggies would have to cross delicately with recruits if it were to happen.

That being said, the Aggies still have a whole lot to offer. They still have a terrific young head coach in Sumlin and "Johnny Football" at quarterback. For one, the Heisman winner trusts that Sumlin will make it work, according to his Twitter account:

There's no doubt in my mind that the Aggies will still feature a prolific offense, and I wouldn't be surprised if keeping A&M's scheme will be a big focus for Sumlin on his search for a new offensive coordinator.

If it loses an assistant or two to Texas Tech, the good thing is that Texas A&M is a big enough draw to quickly bring in other quality assistants, and at that point they would just have to focus on establishing relationships with current recruits.

This is all easier said than done, but A&M can get through this unscathed.

The loss of Kingsbury really does hurt, but the Aggies have far too much going for them right now to really suffer any major recruiting issues.

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