Walker's Rants Back in The Saddle

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IMarch 24, 2009

After a little break and a trip to Ireland, your favorite weekly blog post is back. Walker’s Rants have returned from vacation, and we are ready to blow the doors off the hinges with our hot fire.

Curt Schilling retires from baseball; does that mean I won’t be subjected to his horrid blog entries?

The NCAA tournament may not have the major upsets, but that does not mean it has been a boring tourney. Friday night, with Ohio St.-Sienna and Wisconsin-Florida St., was one of the best nights of college ball I can remember.

Okay so Lance Armstrong broke his collar bone, I got to say I just don’t care. 

First off, I don’t care about the Tour de France no matter who is racing in it. Secondly, Lance is only doing this comeback tour now to keep smoke off his ass for being a steroid user like everyone else in the sport is.

It is no surprise that T.O. did not show at the first day of training camp. However, it was a voluntary workout, and well that means he didn’t have to go.

Congratulations to Todd Clever for becoming the first American to start a Super 14 game, no small feat by any means.

The Broncos need to figure out a trade to get Cutler out of town. Nothing against Cutler, but the Broncos burnt that bridge with him, and there’s no reason to try to salvage the relationship by sabotaging the '09 season.

It’s funny how Americans downplay the World Baseball Classic. Somehow I do not think it’s an accident that we downplay the WBC and we also happen to suck playing in it.

So apparently Gilbert Arenas has decided to grace Washington Wizard’s fans wish his presence this weekend. I never thought I’d actually be disappointed to see him.

An early release of a partial NFL schedule is just stupid. Give me all or nothing baby.

The NFL should not lengthen their season. Part of what makes football so great is that it is short and simple. Every game matters, and any screw up is penalized.

While the Broncos need to move Cutler, trading him to the Jets would be a horrible move. The Broncos needs to bring a third team into the deal so they can get a QB in return.

Ichiro may just be the best player in the MLB right now.

The Knicks may not appreciate what Patrick Ewing did, but he is doing just fine down in Orlando.

The Detroit Lions will take an offensive tackle with their No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.

It’s going to be fun to watch the young USA 7’s squad when they take the pitch in Hong Kong in a few days.

Congratulations to Ireland for bringing home the Six-Nations Championship.

Xavier is not an accident and the scary part is they have a legit chance to slip into the Final 4. That actually makes me sick.

I wonder who will be the new head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers. Time is ticking and they need some serious help.


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