The 25 Best Sports Viral Videos of 2012

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2012

The 25 Best Sports Viral Videos of 2012

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    It seems like everyone wants to make a name for themselves with an Internet video these days.

    And though it's embarrassing enough when you call up your buddies and actually script together a video of whatever popular phenomenon's trending, it's even worse when it's our favorite athletes doing it.

    Luckily, not all the best videos we've wasted time watching at work over the year are scripted, which is good, considering some of our favorites are the ones that just randomly happen.

Happy Birthday from the Jazz Mascot

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    They say it's his birthday, and (with flying cakes) we're going to have a good time!

    As a season-ticket holder, all this guy wanted was a nice gesture for all his devotion to the Utah Jazz.

    Instead, he got a hilarious moment of his team's mascot dropping his cake onto another fan below him.

    If mascots are paid to entertain, we'd say the bear did his job perfectly!

Mercurial Athletes Go Head-to-Head

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    We'll give Nike a lot of credit for one thing—it certainly knows how to connect to its fans.

    Feature two of the best athletes in the world, who both happen to dominate their specific sport, and it's pretty cool.

    Sports fans ate it up as the two played tennis together—well, kind of...

Kyrie Is Uncle Drew

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    Anytime we can get our main man Kyrie a shout out, we're excited.

    Being a Cleveland guy, it's good to have someone not named LeBron gain national attention for his skills, so when Pepsi Max got last year's Rookie of the Year to take part in some pick-up hoops action under the name "Uncle Drew," it was cool to see the reception.

    Bet no one thought an old man could ball like that!

The U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Asks, "Call Me Maybe?"

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    Damn you Carly Rae Jepsen!

    The Canadian-born pop star had the hit of the summer, inspiring everyone to duplicate the staged Justin Bieber and friends video of them singing her song.

    How big did it get? 

    Big enough to have our country's gold medal-winning swimmers act a fool, not to mention the smartest baseball team anyone can find.

Everyone Do the Worm

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    There's an old saying that goes something like, "If you fall, get back up and try again."

    If that's what people are preaching to motivate these days, this kid missed the message, because he thought to do the worm after he bit it on the track.

    He may have finished dead last in his heat, but at least he'd have been the winner if there was a dance-off!

Another National Anthem Fail

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    As is tradition, the National Anthem is always sung before a sporting event.

    With potentially thousands of people watching and hearing just you, we're sure it can be a little nerve-wrenching to perform.

    But just because it's a tough song to sing—with some having to use their hand as a reminder—doesn't mean anyone should continue to butcher it as this woman did.

This Is Some Behind-the-Back Pass

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    There's been some insane behind-the-back passes we've seen in basketball, but this intramural football quarterback proved that a round ball and a court isn't necessary to pull one off.

    We've actually seen some people who can't even throw a football 10 yards, so to see this guy toss it 30 yards behind his back is pretty impressive.

Nike's Time Is Now

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    It seems almost anything Nike touches is gold, so when it helped promote this year's Euro 2012 with a compilation of some of the world's best players, fans took notice.

    The crowning moment? Golden Boy Cristiano Ronaldo showing up late to the party at the end. 

    We'd say it easily rivaled the brand's advert from the 2010 World Cup.

You'll Poke Your Eye out Kid

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    Though the original video has since been removed, we were able to track down a duplicate of the Liverpool fan who poked himself in the eye, shook it off, and continued celebrating his team's victory.

    This exploded onto the Internet when people first saw it, so we give "The Reds" fan his due diligence by respecting his fanaticism and adding him to our list.

Brian Cushing's a Bro!

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    Texans linebacker Brian Cushing has proven over the years that he's a beast on the field.

    What he's also shown is that he's a giant meathead who seems to fit in nicely with any cast member from "Jersey Shore".

    He knows this.

    Fans know this.

    This video just puts an exclamation mark to show it.

Derrick Salberg Hops the Wall

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    With everyone having camera phones these days, there's never a missed opportunity to catch something awesome.

    Thanks to one of the 643 fans in attendance, we got to witness one of the greatest baseball catches ever when Derrick Salberg completely hopped the wall to steal a jack away from a hitter.

    We've seen rob jobs in the past, but this one takes the cake.

Sam Gordon: The Female Reggie Bush

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    We remember the exact night Reggie Bush bolted himself into a college football legend.

    The date was November 19, 2005, and his run against Fresno State all but won him the Heisman—which has since been vacated.

    For Sam Gordon, her comparisons to the former SC star came thanks to her peewee league moves, alluding tacklers and showing the speed to break away for insane runs.

    Who knows where this nine-year-old ends up, but with a Wheaties box already bearing her face, she's already made it in our book!

Who Doesn't Love Gabby Douglas?

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    Douglas became America's sweetheart during the London Olympics thanks to her charisma, charm and overall performances.

    So it's not too surprising to see that people ate up this video showing the struggle and sacrifice it took for her to get on the Olympic squad.

    When people are saying someone's "Gabbying" to refer to something cool, it's a testament to how big she's gotten.

Lochte Is a Miserable Interview

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    Just as Gabby Douglas captured America's interest thanks to her Olympics performance, swimmer Ryan Lochte did the same thing... kind of.

    Known as a huge bro, the Olympic medalist exploded onto the scene this past year.

    With this video showing how aloof he is, it makes you wonder how he's such an eligible bachelor?

Stephan Feck's Back Dive

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    As fans, we love it when something unexpected happens during the action.

    So you could only imagine why diver Stephan Feck's mishap during the Olympics got so much attention around the Internet.

    For a dude who worked years to be the best at his sport, this is something we could have seen down at our community pool, or better yet, had done ourselves after downing a six-pack of beer!

Adidas Is "All in for D Rose"

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    We're pretty sure every single sports fan watched this video of Derrick Rose, got teary-eyed and then emailed it to their friends with the message, "D Rose is a beast!"

    It may not have had the most views or gotten the most laughs, but it may have gotten the biggest reaction thanks in part to the former MVP's emotions when first seeing it.

    Whether or not you're a Bulls fan, this video made all of us cheer for the guy.

Gerald Green Puts It Down

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    It's rare to find someone who takes a chance of pulling off an epic dunk during an actual basketball game.

    When a player does try, it typically doesn't end too well.

    For Gerald Green though, the reward is much bigger than the disappointment, as he showed with this insane alley-oop jam.

Ref Blocks Humphries

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    The former Mr. Kardashian probably hasn't seen someone flying at him like that since Kim K wanted out of her marriage with the guy!

    It gets praise and is so high on our list in anticipation that this thing will get huge in the coming days because, well, no one's ever seen anything like this before.

    The fact that it happened to "The Most Disliked Player in the NBA" just makes it that much better.

Belgians Don't Ball

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    We don't want to speculate, but this video is probably why there aren't any Belgian-born players currently in the NBA.

    It's one thing to purposely shoot at your own basket to try and pad your stats, but it's completely insane when you take not one... not two...  not three... but four different attempts at scoring on your own hoop.

    Our scouting report? Lacks concentration and needs to use his left hand better.

If You Can Dodge a Wrench, You Can Dodge a Ball

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    Most of us have seen the movie Dodgeball.

    It's a feel good, "true underdog story" about a team of misfits that comes together to take down a powerhouse squad.

    After watching this dodgeball trick shot though, we're not sure there's anything the kid who got nailed in the face is feeling good about.

One Filmmaker Makes It Count

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    If you had a budget that Nike gave you to film a commercial displaying how life's a sport and to make it count, what would you do?

    Most of us would probably stick to the plan, struggle with ideas, and produce some ordinary advert.

    But filmmaker Casey Neistat did the complete opposite, taking an all-inclusive, 10-day trip around the world with his buddy showing how to really get the most out of life.

    Sports fans ate it up!


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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic is widely considered a headache because of his snotty attitude and me-first persona.

    Even though the tall Swede isn't the nicest of guys on the pitch, he's definitely one of the most talented in the world.

    He's displayed some of that skill with Ronaldo in Nike commercials over the years, and then in a match against England about a month ago.

    A bicycle kick from about 60 yards out? Pretty sick.

We'd Definitely Call the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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    Cheerleaders are an important part of sports.

    They provide enthusiasm to fans when a team needs a little extra spark.

    They give people something to stare at when the game might get a little out of hand.

    And sometimes, they'll treat you to a dance video of the biggest song of the year.

    Yep, cheerleaders can do it all!

The Worst Free Throw Ever

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    We've seen some bad free throws in our day, but this one absolutely takes the cake as the worst attempt in the history of the game.

    In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the inventor of the game, Dr. James Naismith himself, is rolling in his grave after seeing a college basketball player make it about halfway down the lane.

    Who knew Shaq was teaching free-throw lessons now?

The Ohio State University Marching Band

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    With over 14 million views, everyone who ever talked down to band dorks in high school are suddenly regretting such harsh words.

    Displaying one of the dopest (if not the coolest) halftime shows ever, these kids show that the Super Bowl halftime show doesn't have anything on them!