Bode Miller's Golf Game Smashes Wife Morgan's Face, Tweeted Pictures Ensue

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Bode Miller's Golf Game Smashes Wife Morgan's Face, Tweeted Pictures Ensue
Photo Credit: News.AT

Bode Miller is either very horrible at golf or Morgan Miller is very unlucky where she stands on the links. Either way, the volleyball star was smashed in the face with a line drive from her Olympic husband. 

Deadspin spotted quite the amazing picture posted by Morgan Miller, professional volleyball player. It seems that she was out on the links when she was blasted with a golf ball thanks to her husband, Olympic Alpine skier Bode Miller. 

Golf, apparently, can be a very dangerous sport and the picture is potentially NSFW

First off, it seems she is fairly new to the sport which makes it a little frustrating that she didn't lose any balls a couple days ago.

 Then comes what we assume was her next time out on the golf course, which unfortunately left her with a horrible injury.


Photo Credit: Morgan Miller Instagram

That injury is atrocious, and we hope she is doing fine. In fact, we feel better just knowing that she is in good spirits as she continues to joke around in her subsequent tweets. 

This tweet informs us she is on the mend.

 And this one informs us she is staying at a hospital for hobbits (Morgan is 6'3").

 While this tweet lets us in on a little secret. Always wear sunglasses while golfing, at least while golfing with Bode Miller.

 And our reminder that you can always count on trolls to bring the story down a notch. Not to worry, because Morgan has this one.

We are glad Morgan is feeling better, even if Bode is somewhere feeling something awful about this sports mishap. 

If you happen to see Bode on the golf course, duck. 

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