Ronald LipmanCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 23, 2009 at 3:00pm PT/

So the 2009 NFL draft in almost here, almost exactly a month from today (april 25-26).  So why are all of these mock drafts out there all so off from what the 49ers are going to do?  Everyday I am up on all the latest info coming in via the internet, sports talk radio and the all mighty four letter network.  It seems like 9 out of every 10 mock drafts I see have the niners picking Mark Sanchez QB out of USC.  Keep in mind the quarterback problem is still there in San Francisco, but with the play of Shaun Hill and the cheaper resigning of Alex (give me a real offensive coordinator) Smith, combined with the defensive driven Coach Singletary, why does anyone think that the 49ers are going to go after another QB with their first round pick?  Singletary aready witnessed Mike Nolan's first year as coach and the drafting of Alex Smith which put the success of the young QB on his shoulders as much as the team itself.  We all saw how that worked out.  So do we really think Singletary is going to follow in Nolan's footsteps and make the same mistake?  The QB situation does need to get addressed but not with the 10th pick and probably not on the first day of the draft either.  The 49ers and Singeltary's mind frame will be to pick the best player available and who knows what might be there; Brian Orakpo, who looks like a sack machine (my vote for impact player of the year), one of the offensive tackles Andre Smith or Micheal Oher or even might I say... Crabtree (thats a little stretch, but you never know).  The fact is there will be a player there at the 10th pick with some real talent that should be on the team for many years.  Defense is in need, safety, defensive tackle, defensive end, linebacker and anything that will help with a pass rush.  That is where the first pick should be, unless Crabtree was to fall.  With the second and third round picks you can take more of a chance with, maybe a receiver, another running back to help lighten the load for Frank Gore or plain and simple the best available player at that pick.  The niners can use another stud at just about every spot on the Field, defense or offense.  In total the 49ers have 9 picks in the 2009 NFL draft and 3 of the first 75.  Let's bring a pass rush to Frisco in 2009!