FiftyIV's Inferno: Brothers Bonded By Blood, a Twist Of Fate

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2009

-This article was published before, but I have to do it again. This is entry two, which occurs before The rigid love triangle.

I oscillated back and forth in the chair. I embraced the breeze as I inhaled fresh air, or shall I say contaminated. The air was polluted and corrupt as sleezy businesses. The view was radiant as always, the skyline was a marvelous wonder.

The city that never sleeps. Tourists snap their pictures like incessant buzzing insects. They wonder why I am uptight. I'm not uptight, I know the truth. I can see what they can't, I can smell what they can't, I can sense what they can't, I can feel what they can't.

Pain, death, torture, disgust. Night held many things under it's hood, but it is my cover. Why did he do it. This was the case. Two brothers. Hatred and jealously, an inevitable meeting. Inevitable?! Word of the day.

Why am I attempting to stop the inevitable? I not. What I seek is not of the norm. My neurons were not on who would emerge supreme, but why is it even happening? This was a Hardy war. Out of my comfort zone.

The two subjects/suspects before me weren't ones I usually roam in the night for. Interrogation was as useless as The Great Khali. The heat was rising, better relax...focus. I needed a woman.

A woman who could deliver me the dossiers on these men. A woman who could recite their histories as if it were a Shakespeare play. The woman that was needed was none other than Mina.

She had to be contacted. I picked up the phone to reach this maddam, this lady. NYPD sirens and fire truck horns penetrated my concentration. I should have taken the mugshots to the dark room.

I had a destiny...and it wasn't dealing with two battling siblings. My nose was seduced by fresh hot dogs from a vendor below on the street. The heat increased. I dropped the phone and made a path for the window. This was a real twist of fate. I didn't make it to the window, what was my fate?


Entry Two, FiftyIV's Inferno: Blood Brothers. NYC, Midtown.  March 22, 2009

The boss had given me this Hardy case. What a twist of fate. I didn't exactly jump on the case, so I didn't fathom why I was considered an ultimate opportunist. Boss slapped a big PG sticker on me and told me to go light.

Who did he think I was? AkD? Well I am KD, but not at night. There were two witnesses, each with a different story. Go light! Yeah right. I wasn't one of these cappacino latte fools, I liked my coffee as it was...nothing else. He escorted to me to the room. On the way we passed the wanted bulliten. M was still wanted, so was FiftyIV.

"Remember what we discussed. I want it light, we need cooperation and answers. I want the right Hardy, get in there KD"

Screw him. I could care less which Hardy will prevail. This was no matter of prediction. Brothers bonded by bloos, that's all. I can sense the mutual feeling. I was wanted off of Benjamin's case.

Can they keep a  lion from being a lion? They were clueless, average New Yorkers. I entered the room and slammed the door. It was rated R now.

"What do you know about the Hardys"

Witness 1: "Don't you want my name? Or to introduce yourself?"

"Three letters, One vowel, go figure. What do you know about the Hardys?"

Witness 2: "Umm Jeff is ok, but Matt is so sexy".

I figured it was time frighten this girl.

"Listen, I have no time for your games. I'm hot on Benjamin's tale and I have to deal with this crap? Listen to me. I no Randy Orton, but I'll punt your freaking head so hard your skull will fracture and you'll be brain dead. Try me honey, try me".

It seemed to do the trick as she began to speak.

"I know that Jeff isn't as good as Matt and Matt is your man. He'll emerge standing, not Jeff".

This clearly angered me. Inferno ended..


I didn't want predictions, I wanted to know the inception...I was lying. I needed a way out so I could return to previous works. It was time for plan B. The boss entered and dismissed me as I decided to drop the PG attempt.

If boss thought he adjust my attitude, he was wrong. He was wrong as everyone who didn't believe Edge wouldn't reclaim the strap. This was surely a twist of fate. Out of dark room, I had both negatives. My indifference held me back.

Why couldn't I be with the city? The lovely city called my name. It sheltered me, I cleaned it. The streets were mean after sunset. I became used to candles, they kept me calm. I wanted nothing more than to toss this bagel out the window.

 I wanted a the glazed doughnut. A doughnut so sweet, you'd have to have a contract for it, a guaranteed one for a year. But no, I had the bagel. Brothers bonded by blood, a twist of fate.

I was going nowhere, but where did I want to go? The heat had me parched. Coca Cola was the drink, it's quite refreshing. I threw both mugshots into the candles and watch them decay. My head was pounding, I work to much.

 The heat was getting to me. Why was I at the office this late? Something was missing. As I searched my mind for the answer, another sweat broke out..hotter than the last.


Entry Two, FiftyIV's Inferno: Blood Brothers II. NYC, Midtown. March 22, 2009

I passed by Ray, the chief. Ray was like a father around the hell hole I call work. Boss was trying to shove a Hogan case his way, so I guess I could be grateful for the Hardy case.

"I'm not taking this s***! Hogan can kiss my ***!"

Exactly thirty-seven minutes after I spoke to the first witness, the boss approached me. That weasel. I knew he had an eye on me. The thought of me working on Benjamin's case made him insane. He's a fool, I'll never convert to Christian-ism.

"We've got another one. KD, take your time here. I told you to go light last time and I don't know what happened. Do me favor, GO LIGHT".

I nodded my head instead of giving my two cents. Two brothers bonded by blood, a twist of fate. The same line kept running through my head. I felt a bit of Deja Vu as I was escorted to the room once again. I stepped in and there was a man. Looking at his face I could tell he was lost. Lost within the city, within the night, I sat at the table.

Witness 2: "Aren't you going to strangle me? Hit me? Yell?"

He was cognizant of my mean streak.

'"I'm AkD, we can do this the easy way or the "I'm gonna f*** up" way, you choice. Tell me what you know about the Hardys"'

Witness 2: "Matt Hardy is a mad man, he's jealous, envious, and dangerous".

This wasn't a prediction, but something that could be useful. If I kept my cool, everything would be fine.

Witness 2: "Jeff Hardyis your guy, believe me. You wait and see AkD, he's going to triumph over Matt".

There it was, the damn prediction. This piece of s*** did the one thing that ticked me off. I was a reasonable man, I gave him one more chance.

"Ok, Is there anything else you know about the Hardys? How about some back story, how bout something to figure this whole thing out?"

I figured looking like I was trying to solve the case would benefit me since I knew boss was watching through the one sided transparent wall. I awaited the answer.

Witness 2: "Jeff Hardy is the rainbow hair warrior, he'll beat Matt".

Here comes plan B. I brought my friend mr Sledge hammer and smashed up everything in the room. I screamed "TELL ME ABOUT THE HARDYS"to freak out the idiot. Boss came right on time and then I was dismissed...for the day.

Inferno ended..


I escaped the Hardy case, hopefully for good. Some call me crazy, but I say otherwise. On the other hand, I do break into my own office at night under an alter moniker, I wasn't that freak Cerebral.

A Dynasty Manifesto was the next case on my desk. Apparently they have been M.I.A lately and yours truly has to work on the case. The upside is that I don't have to throw it like I did the Hardys.

From what I know, the Manifesto isn't too far off from an Inferno. Could they be related. Two brothers...bonded by blood, a twist of fate. Where was I heading? The sky was foggy, but for now, I think I'll answer to her. The night is calling for me, tonight, I'll clean these streets.


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